Alright everyone it is barry here welcome
to my virgin kitchen today we are testing some watermelon based gadgets if you have
missed any of the other kitchen gadget testing videos there is a playlist up here or down
below so get watching those too, but this is specifically about watermelon today, *picks
up watermelon from shops* this thing is frickin heavy, it is like heavier than my kids.
So I have acquired this watermelon the others in the shop were really small and some were
not ripe they were really light green and just random going to put it out there I hate
watermelon but anyhow you guys have sent me links to these products so have got hold of
them watermelon corer to cut watermelon in a quick and clean way I read that upside down
and am pretty impressed with myself there so this is a claw thing with a smiley face
safety easy clean so it has steps on the back here as if you scoop it out like wolverine
from the xmen but even more so is this thing pasteque en fut sounds like something a portugese
person may say when playing football pasteque en fut but basically this is a keg gadget
for your watermelon so we tap into the watermelon and should be able to get watermelon juice
out of it which should taste pretty minging but we are just going to do it.
So we put that one to one side for the moment and I do not know if this is going to work
with both gadgets it may fail but we are going to do it the first step is to slice the bottom
to make it balance a little bit but I am going to take a little nip off it not a nipple it
does have English instructions which makes it easier slice to make it stand I have done
that then you are supposed to cut the lid off and scoop the insides out but we need
that for our second gadget then use the coring gadget to make a hole, insert the shank and
fawcet fill the melon with your beverage of choice and enjoy oh, oh I have just realised
this is pointless you do not get the juice straight out of a watermelon do you no you
do not so this is like a bit of a waste you just oh penny has dropped so basically what
you are supposed to do is scoop everything out and use it as a keg I do not care actually
I am going to try it and see if I can get actual watermelon juice out of it, lets just
go for it. So there is our tap and bits for it which
is basically just an apple corer I am feeling like I have been stumped by marketing right
now and you guys have too because you sent me the link to do it, but hey lets just try
and make it happen yeah. Ok so I have just cored, oh it is not coming out oh come on
now there we go looks like the guts of a human so we have this plug thing so there is a back
to it so where you are supposed to put your fluid in that which I am going to take off
secures it from any movement but we are just going to shove it lets see if we can get some
juice out of it. Here we go then, no look at that, and I knew that would not work as
there is not pressure coming down on it so it is just a keg tap thing really.
This other one does look pretty cool though so we are going to slice open our watermelon
there we go now we are in watermelon territory looks like someone with rosey cheekys or two
baboon buttocks right there, look at that. There is watermelon juice all over my counter
but sadly not in the keg tap this one then wow they are very cheap gadgets I have had
some nice ones in the past but it is just like a poor mans wolverine claw so you have
a smiley face thing very reassuring and a thing that links it together there but they
are just cheap and nasty tongs, so I have a plate here and what we do is use it upside
down and right way up different times for different purposes oh no does not want to
come out yes, let me show you that again ok so down, does not feel like I am touching
the bottom then straight up I am going to go really deep with this one just to make
sure, all the way down through and up that is very therapeutic and all this juice not
really a fan, oh I am too addicted now ok I do not know if you can see but they are
not the straightest cuts in the world but what we are supposed to do is turn it the
other way around and wedge together, oh my gosh that is amazing my slice was not amazing
like I say but I have got the cheeky eye hole at the bottom of it like this lets just try
this again we are going to go in, scoop that up and the watermelon comes out I am just
addicted now going to keep doing it oh I am going to quite while I am ahead a little bit
of a carcass left inside it has worked I do hate watermelon it just tastes of water with
seeds in it too my conclusion for this video, not only have I made quite a stainy mess on
the counter top the keg thing not so good so do not be fooled by it thinking you will
get watermelon juice out of it but it would be amazing at a bbq filling with punch but
this tool it is called a watermelon corer I will leave links to both down below is actually
stonking indeed so that is it folks remember to check out the other gadget videos if you
have seen others you want me to try out let me know down below I have a box here full
of them and I will see you again next time.