Welcome to my open dock kitchen in Kerala. Isn’t this beautiful here. Today’s recipe is called Karimeen Pollichathu. In case I don’t pronounce it right.
Now this is actually found in the back waters and
then it’s a river fish and the reason why it’s called a Peral Spot is because it’s got a
black spot on it’s neck. Now what I have done is, I’ve cleaned it out, scaled it, trimmed it and remanirated with salt, pepper, oil, red chili powder and
turmeric powder. A standard southern Indian marinated fish. Now, first what we gonna do is
we have to make the kind of the sauce or a masala with it. Now for that, I’m going to be using once
again a little bit of coconut oil. next Next, we have some chopped onions here. some ginger
garlic paste so once this does kind of Some ginger and garlic paste. So once this start kind of getting a little bit of brown, what you
need to do is start adding spices such as, turmeric powder, coriander powder (dhaniya), red chili powder, a little bit of black pepper.
Now once the spices start getting clump together along with ginger garlic and
the onions, it’s time to add your chopped tomatoes, a few curry leaves. Now when you
want to make it really spicy you do not add coconut milk into this. But know what I’m going to do is I’m just adding a touch of
coconut milk into this. And this whole mixture is becoming a very nice
molten mixture and my touch to this is fresh coriander along with the stems as
well. Pollichathu means wrapped in banana leaves and
roasted or steamed. The choice is yours. If you want to do this a really healthy way, just mix it up all together, toss it together.
Cook your spices and then turn it over and steam the fish along in the banana leaves. Great! So my mixture is ready. Now what I’m gonna do is, I don’t wanna loose the flavor in this pan, what I’m actually going to do is sear off my fish in the same pan. When you sear the fish, you actually seal the flavors. So you have all the flavors retaining inside and the flesh is really juicy. And the second reason is that it reduces
the cooking time inside the banana leaf. I’ve got my piece of banana leaf here into which I’m
gonna be adding a spoonful of my spice into this and then a piece of fish right on
top there. Then a little bit of this masala on the top and to which I am
going to actually make a parcel like this, on the fish. You can pan fry this like what
I’m doing it or literally you can steam this parcel over a wire rack in a wok or if you have a steamer or even an Idli steamer will do for this. Put my parcel in here and in about 3 to 4
minutes your fish is going to be perfectly ready. Yes, time to turn this over, very nicely. So we have our fish. And look, the fish is beautifully cooked. In it’s own juices and it’s own aroma Next a nice spring of coriander
and a few chopped tomatoes. And that is my Kerala style Karimeen Pollichathu
which means the Pearl Spot. Cooked with the fabulous sauce in banana leaf. If you want to know anything about this recipe, Karimeen Pollichathu, just Ask Me!