Sawaddee Ka welcome to hot Thai
kitchen so as many of you know that I am currently pregnant and many of you have
actually asked me whether there’s a dish in Thai culture that either expecting
or new mothers are encouraged to eat I know such a dish exists in many
many different cultures and yes it does in Thai culture too so that is what I’m
gonna show you today it’s a dish called Kaeng Liang so Kaeng means curry Liang
doesn’t mean anything it’s just the name of this curry and even though it is
technically a curry it’s more like a soup it’s very light and brothy and
peppery tons of vegetables in it and it’s believed to help with the
production of breast milk whether or not it actually does I don’t know but hey
it’s delicious either way so why not right? and don’t worry even if you’re not
an expecting mother you can still have this dish it’s not embarrassing for a
man to be ordering this dish it’s just you know something that we eat more of
when we’re expecting a baby so let’s get started! so let’s start with
the curry paste which is so simple so you’re probably not gonna be able to
find it at the stores most people make it at home it’s super simple a dried
shrimp okay which I’m going to blitz in my coffee grinder just because it’s
faster old-school they would just pound this in a mortar and pestle yeah and you
just want to get it nice and fluffy like that that’s all you need now I’m gonna
transfer everything into my mortar and pestle so this is probably the most
important ingredient of all of that is white pepper so this curry it is spicy
but from pepper rather than from chilies and that hot peppery heat is sort of
unique to kaeng liang so I’ve got quite a bit of white pepper here you can add
more but if you’re not used to eating a really peppery soup you might find it a
bit overwhelming so just kind of adjust as you go start with less there you go
and you want it nice and fine just like that I’m also gonna add one Thai chili
because chilies and pepper give very different
kinds of spiciness you don’t have to add the chili but hey why not
this baby’s gotta learn to eat spicy food! there you go it doesn’t have to be
super fine this next ingredient is an herb that’s very unique to the flavour
of kaeng liang but it might be hard for you to find so this is something we call
grachai or fingerroot in English and it’s a rhizome so think a cousin of like
the turmeric or ginger it grows underground it has a very sort of
cooling almost a little medicinal flavor really nice in this dish I’ve just
chopped it up here now this one that I am using is not fresh it’s not
something that’s easy to find and fresh at all but if you have a nice Asian
grocery store you might be able to find ones that come in a brine solution like
this which works really really well if you don’t have it there really isn’t
another ingredient that tastes similar to grachai I but if you want to substitute
ginger instead I’m sure this would still be a really delicious curry it’ll be a
different flavor obviously but ginger is also believed to help with that breast
milk production so you’re still on track there okay
so nice fine paste there and then finally shallots lots of chopped
shallots here and yes you can put everything in the blender it’s totally
fine I just feel like going a little old-school today and as you go you might
find it gets a little wet and splashy you can just add a little bit of the
dried shrimp to help add friction but once you’ve got it down to a relatively
fine paste the rest of the dried shrimp can go in and also because we don’t have
enough shrimp in here some fermented shrimp paste so this is what we call
gapi just a little bit will add nice umami flavor and you’re just pounding to
mix and the paste is done So let’s talk vegetables so this soup is known for
being full of vegetables and half of them are actually different kinds of
squashes so let’s take a look at them so I’ve got here a kabocha squash rich
creamy sweet flesh you really want some sort of
a creamy squash for this and if you can’t find kabocha which by the way you don’t
have to peel the peel is completely edible just substitute whatever winter
squash you can find that’s sweet and creamy we’ve got this interesting
looking guy over here so this is angled luffa or in Thai we call this “buab” you
might see it labeled at the store as “sing gua” and when you cook it it becomes
really soft and almost spongy and it absorbs sauce or broth whatever it’s
sitting in so well I loved it so much so this is what it looks like when you cut
it and peel it you definitely want to peel it I’m also using chayote squash so
chayote squash is not something we typically add in kaeng liang but in Thailand
we used a different kind of gourd called bottled gourd or calabash, can’t find
that here but I think chayote squash makes a great sub for that and and I
just wanted to show you that I found this guy at the store I think this is
technically called a cousa squash it’s kind of like a zucchini and I’ve tried
it in this curry works really well so if you can’t find all these squashes if you
just have one winter squash and one summer squash you’re good to go
now the non squash vegetables I’ve got some oyster mushrooms you don’t have to do oyster mushrooms but you want to use some sort of Asian mushrooms do not use the button mushrooms trust me it is not going to be good in this finally
baby corn so if you have fresh baby corn
definitely get those I can’t find fresh baby corn I can only find canned which I
don’t actually love in this dish so I’m just showing you that it’s something you
can add I’m not going to actually add it so I’ve got some unsalted homemade
chicken stock here you can use shrimp stock as well that you make using shrimp
shells and heads that’ll work really well for this so simple I’m gonna add
all of my curry paste in here bring that to a boil to allow all of those herbs
to infuse its flavor into the broth so my broth has been simmering for a few
minutes I’m gonna add now some fish sauce to season and I always like to
season before I add my vegetables so my vegetables can cook in that seasoning
and has more flavor that way I’m gonna add first my kabocha squash and kabocha
squash don’t take as long to cook as you might think six
seven minutes is all it takes and I find that if I let this cook for two minutes
and then I add everything else it all comes out exactly right So it’s been two minutes then the rest of my vegetables will go in my squash, angled
luffa also known as angled gourd and the mushrooms by the way these I just
found at the store they’re called black oyster mushrooms so they look a
little different from your typical oyster mushrooms but tastes more or less
the same now all you gotta do is let these cook until all the vegetables are
done and your ganglion is like basically done that’s how easy this is which is
perfect because when you’re a new mother you don’t have time to be cooking
something for a long time right Alright so a few more minutes have passed and
the first thing you want to check is the doneness of your squash so take the
biggest piece pierce it with a fork and it should go through pretty easily
so now protein I’m gonna add some shrimp which is typical and classic but you can
do chicken definitely I got ginormous shrimp today and the shrimp are only
going to take literally 30 seconds to cook look at that so colorful so healthy Feel like I’m gonna lactate just looking at it I’m gonna turn this off now finally
this is the one thing that I cannot find so typically we use bai mangluck or lemon
basil to add to kaeng liang, I can’t find that here so I like to just add Thai
basil which actually works really well it’s a beautiful flavor I kind of
actually prefer it to adding bai mangluck but I should mention that because
if you do have access to Thai lemon basil do add it so you can really
experience what the authentic flavor of kaeng liang is like oh my gosh look at that
I will give it a taste oh and by the way for our patreon
members for the bonus show after the show this episode I’m going to share
with you another quick little recipe that you can make using your leftover
squash cuz you’re probably gonna have a bit of leftover squash after this you
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description box below so as some of you may know in Thailand
we eat family style so this would typically not be the only thing you’re
eating there probably a few other dishes that are served with rice but if I’m
just by myself and the only thing that I’m eating is this what I
like to do is make a little rice soup bowl so I’m just gonna ladle this right
onto my rice yes make sure you get a little bit of everything and kabocha squash is my favorite thing
in this entire Bowl so I want to make sure I get some of that what a unique flavor if you’ve never had kaeng liang this is
really something unlike any other dish that I can think of in Thai cuisine it’s
lights and brothy but at the same time it’s got that pepperiness from the white
pepper that we added so it’s hot it like warms your throat and it’s the
perfect thing to eat in the winter and in fact in Thailand this dish people
like to serve it in the winter even though Thai winters aren’t exactly that
cold but you know it’s still a warming comforting thing to serve that squash is
creamy and sweet which balances out the other lighter vegetables really well ah
such a good soul warming dish to have whether or not you’re having a baby
so I hope you give this recipe a try the full written recipe will be on and when you make it I definitely want to see so send it to me
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there is a dish that pregnant or expecting women are
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next time for your next delicious THai meal. So according to Adam he thinks that grachai
smells like ginger that’s been rubbed with tiger balm not a bad description there