Soak the urad dal in water for 6 hours Clean it water for 2-3 times  grind it a smooth paste, the batter should be like idly batter. add a cup of corn flour powder mix it well Add corn flour powder slowly and prepare the batter for a right consistency to prepare the Jangri Add red food color into the batter  Jangri will be colorful due to addition of red food color  Mix it well  Add cornflour powder if required  Add red food color again and mix the batter  add a teaspoon of food color to the batter and mix it well for good attractive color  ensure that no lumps are formed and mix it well  Prepare the batter as shown in the video clipping  Now the batter is ready for the Jangri preparation  Let’s prepare the sugar syrup  Now switch on the stove and heat a wide bottomed vessel  Add a kg sugar  Pour a liter water  add water just to immerse it There is no specific quantity for water  Mix it well  Adjust the flame to low while boiling the sugar syrup  Jangri needs lots of sugar syrup you use this sugar syrup for the preparation of another sweets also  You can use this syrup for Khaja, badusha preparation Now sugar syrup is ready, Boil the sugar syrup till it get to one string consistency Prepare the sugar syrup as shown in the video clipping  Adjust the flame to low while boiling the syrup Add lemon juice into the syrup  Mix it well  Now switch off the stove.  lemon juice helps to prevent the sugar from crystalizing  Now the sugar syrup is ready for the Jangri preparation Add a tablespoon of cardamom powder Mix it well  Now switch on the stove and heat a pan, pour enough oil to deep fry the jangri  try to take wide bottomed pan  Now take a thick cotton cloth thick cotton cloth with a piece in the center and make a hole at the center for piping jangri. You can also use sauce bottle for piping the Jangri instead of thick cloth  Then add a ladle of batter in it fold it diagonally, now gather all the corners and twist the cloth and hold it tightly. just before frying the Jangri check the piping cloth  For frying the Jangri, oil must be evenly heated  then start piping out the jangris Now draw two circles over the oil and again draw small rounds without stopping Just practice for 3 times and then you will get the correct shape don’t overcrowd the vessel with too many Jangris  Fry them in medium flame and cook the other side by flipping it using a steel rod Check the jangri with hands, if it is little hard then it has to be cooked for some more time Once cooked, remove the jangris from oil and drop them into the sugar syrup drop the hot jangris into the sugar syrup immediately after removing from the pan  For good taste, Jangris must be hot and sugar syrup must be warm  Press it gently with a ladle inside the sugar syrup and allow it to soak for 2-3 minutes Repeat the same process until rest of the batter is done Then remove the jangri from the sugar syrup using spatula to drain the excess sugar syrup Now the tasty and healthy Jangris are ready  you can prepare the jangris in the house itself under hygienic conditions  Colorful and tasty Jangri is ready now and transfer them to a serving plate