Hello guys it is Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen I am joined today by Chloe and you are my daughter yes that is right
this is another recipe from British recipe Month which you guys are loving, what is the
matter, a long time ago I was a baby, that is right, that is right a little life story
for you there, this is jam roly poly an absolutely gorgeous nostalgic recipe do you know what
nostalgic means, I am talking, I know this is my video, what the doctor has to take you
out of mummys tummy, we did not all come out of mummys tummy we came out of others too
ok so from childbirth back to jam roly poly, you will need the following ingredients, so
hit pause when Chloe touches her nose yes so hit pause on the video write them all down
we have got milk, flour, self raising flour vanilla extract, some butter, and the final
thing that looks like grated cheese is suet a sort of firm fat.
If you cannot get hold of suet, get some butter put it in the freezer then grate it and keep
in the freezer until you want to use it it�s a bit of a replacement. Right, do you know
you can put butter on bread, you can put butter on bread, do you want to stop picking your
nose is that alright? We will try and sort that out before we get started which is what
we will do right now. Hello, right we have a mixing bowl here which
Chloe just wanted to say hello to right, what we are going to do with this massive mixing
bowl, no need for one this big but she can be quite messy we will get the flour first
of all, tip the flour in there yes, some vanilla extract if you are feeling flash, you could
use a pod and scrape the seeds in, and yes this is the messy bit get the butter in and
scrape with your hands, this is room temperature butter about 50 grams in that goes, you want
to be doing that finger thumb thing that I hate, so make your kid do it, oh no.
Rub it between your fingers and thumbs I feel like Mr Miyagi, wax on wax off, I am making
daddy do it, she is making me do it, thought it was child labour today, I hope it is going
to be so yummy and tasty, do you, oh it is going well right mate, yeah it is, in the
bowl is our crumbly mixture so the butter is all in there, next up we add some lubrication
this is some milk right shall I pour it in, in it goes woooo, also we add in the suet
remember if you cannot get this some frozen grated butter you want to dump that in, it
does look a lot like grated cheese get a spoon or blunt knife and mix it lets make it yeah
mix it through. Mix so it is all as one. I am mixing it, you
are well done, it looks like chicken. Chicken it does not look like a chicken, I just said
chicken, I know you said chicken that is not a chicken. All we have done now is put the
dough onto a floured surface, Chloe what are you doing? I am rolling, she is rolling baking,
baking oh yeah Chloe what does that feel like, dough, of course it is dough, silly daddy.
Alright so we are just going to get our dough we rolled out and make it into a lovely square
shape, until it is even right mate, someone is a little angry she cannot use a sharp knife
right mate, so what we have here is chloe spreading some raspberry jam onto our square
we are going to leave a centimetre edge you can use any jam you like but raspberry jam
is traditionally used as it is so cheap here in the uk, you can just pick raspberries and
make some jam with some sugar. Easy peasy right mate, are you enjoying this cool you
are doing a good job, it is just like a wrap. Turned it around to make it a little easier
so will roll this up kind of like a swiss roll nice and small at first then hopefully
it should, do you want to help a bit, yes, it should become a good old cylinder and sit
on that seam at the end. Before putting it in the oven there are some
adult steps. Transfer it to a flat tray, use some parchment lined foil which is basically
foil one side parchment the other foil but a parcel with parchment stops it sticking
and the foil insulates it. We steam it so in a roasting tin add some
boiling water put in the lower shelf in the oven put the roly poly just on top of that
and bake for a good hour and we will see what it comes out like.
Alright folks it has been out of the oven to cool down a bit are you excited, yes, I
can smell it, what does it smell like, apple pie, apple pie brilliant wrong recipe. Be
careful of the steam as we open it oh yes. This is so pretty. So very simply all we do
is cut an inch strip of wedges out of the roly poly serving it on a dish traditionally
with some custard looking gorgeous. Lets see what it tastes like.
We will have a dance party after this as a reward but you just made your first ever jam
roly poly how does that make you feel, good amazing but the bombshell has been dropped
do you like jam chloe no, so we made a jam roly poly and chloe does not like jam.
But how about you tell everyone what it smells like, chicken!
It does not taste like chicken mate I promise you so good super nostalgic you really must
give this a go if you do send me a picture @myvirginkitchen let me know any more british
recipes you want to see we have a few more to do right, what about cucumber the next
video recipe is a cucumber right lets go dance and we will see you next time.