Last time I did Roti Making Challenge which you all liked the most we all loved hot served Jalebi in Winters so here I am today with an awesome Jalebi Challenge Jalebi bater of flowing consistency is ready here for the challenge Ghee is heated and sugar syrup too is ready so first she will do the challenge Are you excited? Yes have you ever cooked anything at home Yes I know cooking but I tried Jalebi for the very first time I think the shape is OK Yes in fact so well will we eat them?? why not? but it would be fun if have some salty with these sweet Jalebi yes, you’re right…So let’s make an order from Swiggy after frying we’ll put it in sugar syrup so Jalebi is ready here By the way I like fine and crispy jalebis its looking fine and crispy but its not that much on eating this one is so crispy now here is Shruti she made me learn Roti making last time now she’ll make Jalebis Her Mehendi experience is of no use here so these have got fried well and the shape is so awesome of this one shape isn’t looking good but its good in taste now here’s the expert with us pls don’t call me expert…this ruins all things :-)) move your hand fast its like Imarti…and not crispy now here I am with my cousin who didn’t make perfect chapati last time what you ordered? Samosa now here we’re with The Editor Tell me is Editing touch or Jalebi making?? Making jalebis is tough all made same kind of Jalebis then its not their fault…actually the fault in this