Which cricketer almost became a fisherman Saurav Ganguly Let the stereotypes begin When he lost his virginity Drugs were Excellent Team #9 Productions Presents Thanks for all your feedback Please like, share and subscribe Show starts abruptly now… We have a wonderful quiz today… Its about cricket and as you can see our teams are completely
male… we wanted more women… Ramesh Powar said no And thats why we are here Lets get this started
Questions are going to be about cricket, most of them on Indian cricket… because India
wants to know There are clues in the questions… I will
try to drop a few clues once in a while… Dont look back, there are clues somewhere
in the back as well.. If you are in the audience… you may keep an eye out and get some answers Lets starts with the obvious, lets start with something we have all argued about online…
What is India’s National Sport? Trolling
India’s national sport is trolling… that is correct…. After 2014. Previous to 2014
what was India’s National Sport? Taking Offense
Taking Offense is also India’s National Sport I will give you a clue… there was an RTI
filed to find the answer Peacock hunting
Peacock hunting.. Can you please explain? It’s the national animal..
So the national sport… So the national bird is peacock and the national sport is hunting
the national bird With a lotus in Hand Will take a shot at Kabbadi Kabaddi is not India’s national sport Bangladesh’s national sport is Kabaddi Because they try to cross the border…
I think so… They just like… oh let us in, let us in, let us in… No If I touch
you… You become a Bangla… [CAA NRC reference] At that point in the show we have lost all
Bengalis… which is basically just Saurav Ganguly
Ya But stilll.. Is it hockey?
It’s not hockey It’s cricket
It’s not cricket… But… that’s what everybody is thinking
Now I am going to deduct 10 points from you.. because it’s not cricket India has no national sport India has no national sport. I am going to
start with a googly. That’s how it begins. It’s the first ball… so you have no national
sport. The RTI was filed and the RTI said that India
officially does not have a national sport.. Do they take in.. like you know.. can we suggest
national sports or something like that Sure.. There’s this wonderful website. It’s
called twitter.com Very charming people over there. Just go suggest
ideas for National sport, National Language and we will see what happens Cricket is a particular country’s national
sport.. which one? I was about to say West Indies.. then I realized West Indies is not a country. It is a figment of imagination for a geographically retarded
Portugese salesman So is every country Basically like Indian coach right now… Figment of imagination Is it Australia? Republic of Twitter? It’s not republic of twitter, the twitter jokes are done. We can come back to it at
the end Is it Mexico , because they are getting a Wall? Oh wow… [Insert Rahul Dravid appreciation] It’s a Caribbean island.. somewhere in the
Caribbean It’s a Caribbean island.. that’s correct..
which one is it? The one which they go kingfisher song.. Oh
la la la le oh (Not paid) Vijay Mallya You should explain.. why you said Vijay Mallya? You remember the first Kingfisher.. I think
it was in the 90’s there was a very famous TVC West Indies didn’t have a major sponsor
back then. And kingfisher actually sponsored the entire team. And they did a famous TVC with all the West Indian cricketers… And that was actually the TVC that kept playing during the India Sri Lanka semifinals in 1996… which you are someone between the age of 25 and 35… You needed therapy at the point
in time. And for every wicket that fell… what would happen is that you would see Kambli crying and Oh la la la le oh… everything going
back and forth. It was really traumatic So that song is ingrained in my head. Everytime
I have a traumatic experience I hear that. Oh la la la le oh [Again we are not getting paid for all this] I am going to give you a hint.. This is a place which is known in the US as a holiday
destination. BAHAMAS It is Bahamas. Please take 10 Bahamas is the only country as per law to
have cricket as the national sport. The other islands in the West Indies like Antigua and
every other place, it’s like the defacto national sport. Sort of like India. And that’s the
answer Which cricketer almost became a fisherman? Oh that’s Rohit Sharma definitely. He is fishing outside the off stump?
Oooh. The joke wrote itself. Please tell us again..
Why.. If you have seen Rohit Sharma bat in Australia.. fishing outside the off stump.. Saurav Ganguly? Saurav Ganguly almost became a fisherman…
Let the stereotypes begin.. Bengalis=fish.. Bengalis=fish.. That’s it
And goodbye to the last Bengali who is watching the show Our team is anti-bengali Sreesanth
Sreesanth almost became a fisherman.. The stereotypes continue.. I tell you who the cricketer was.. But then you will have to explain to me what I mean
by it. It was Sunil Gavaskar Sunil Gavaskar almost became a fisherman and he was saved from becoming a fisherman by
his uncle. There’s this story. Dont know if it is an
urban legend… but now makes sense.. When Sunil Gavaskar was born .. At the hospital,
they exchanged the names of the 2 kids. And the wrong kid was a fisherman’s kid and thankfully
his uncle probably… I assume… recognized the child and then figured out that’s not
the right kid. Yes. That is the right answer. So what happened
was Sunil Gavaskar was born. He was in the hospital and they actually exchanged him for
another baby. And his uncle noticed that the baby was born, he had a birth mark And the
baby that was supposedly Sunil Gavaskar did not have that. Then they raised a ruckus…
and then the nurse found out.. Oh shit…We sort of mixed up the babies.. and that other
baby was a fisherman’s kid. So if things had gone differently Sunil gavaskar
would… Have been hooking something else.
Would be hooking something else. I was going to say something else but I think that’s better Or maybe he used his fishing net as a cricket net
I am surprised how many parallels are there between cricket and fishing
I never thought we would have so many Just think about the number of fish that have
been saved you know… which would have otherwise died listening to the cliches Sunil Gavaskar
will spout.. I just feel happy for the marine ecosystem
of Bombay There is a famous instance of Sunil Gavaskar
batting left handed Ya..
Ya.. you should tell us. I know about it.. I dont know.. I heard it on Kapil Sharma’s show. You heard it on Kapil Sharma’s show… A great
form of entertainment. But we recommend our show. I reminded of my grandmother. My brother was born left handed and she was like ‘Gandha
Haath hota hai’ and I am thinking, he was just trying to play dirty… and decided to
go with the left hand That’s a different story… Was he intentionally handicapping himself? No.. Not exactly. But he was handicapping
somebody else He was handicapping the bowler?
Yeah.. Tell us why? Off spinner bowling at him… And that’s why
he thought the ball going outside is better off played by a left hander… Why? I just got technical dude. No you have to get little more technical.. You are almost there.. Rough surface… Yes!!!
That is the answer The answer was that there was the rough of
one side of the pitch and he didn’t want the bowler to exploit that and he didn’t even
want to get runs… he just wanted to bat out the day. And he wanted to get a draw.
so he famously batted left hand the whole day. And saved the match.
Bowler was the Karnataka spinner – Raghuram Bhat. And this helped Bombay avoid defeat
at the Ranji Trophy. This was the famous incident. Now… this wasn’t the only incidence when
he batted left handed.. There was another time when he batted left handed. And this
time you have to think really outside the box. Maybe he was taunting the bowler with the “Bhaiye haath ka khel”… Maybe against Pakistan
he wanted to.. No.. I will give you guys another hint.. It
is not a real cricket match.. He put the marriage ring on the left hand
of his wife.. That…
What’s a marriage ring? I do not want to know where the metaphor ends… Is this from a movie? is this how he defeated the terrorists? This is from a movie… For a song called “Hey din Kunacha”… he
gets bowled over by a Marathi actress Madhumathi. And that’s the other time that he batted left
handed. I saw that you have posters of Sunny on your..
We do have posters of Sunny up here. That’s correct. That was a comic series
It says Sunny the Super Sleuth Defeats the terrorists. That’s what the poster says… The series ran in 83 and 84. Combined cricket, adventure and science fiction. He had custom made aeromobile called the ‘Marzuki’, jet propelled shoes that enable him to soar
into the sky. “Sunnyculurs” through which he could see the back of the moon. A spray
that rendered him invisible. And the ‘Sunnycomp’, the only computer in the world with the database
of every single criminal. So he basically invented the Interpol.
He captures hudlums and delivers them to the police “Sunny Side Up”. Ok I dont know.. if
this is my writers.. While humming “Happy Days are here again”
and “The Hills are alive with the sound of music” The drugs were excellent… I’ll have what he is having It’s not over.. At every given chance he would shout out “Blazing bouncers” “And they don’t
call me the best stroke player for nothing” It’s like this Captain Haddock This just went into a B-grade porn movie. He delivers punches to the villains as well
as powerful cricketing strokes – the hook and the cut. For a significant period of time, Gavaskar’s
opening partner was Kris Srikkanth and he gave him a nickname.. actually it wasn’t him..
Syed Kirmani was also in the team gave a nickname to srikkanth because of the way he batted,
because of the way he played. Can anyone tell what the nickname would be? Cheeka? No.. Cheeka was also a nickname but I’ll give
you a hint.. this nickname was from a song in a movie. Goldfinger’? Interesting..
I am wondering what did Gavaskar know.. Basically every hit is like Gold you know
Every hit is like Gold so he is like ‘Goldfinger’ ‘Goldfinger’… {Available on iTunes} It’s related to the way he bats. Is it Whirlpool Whirlpool? He cuts he dices
he flashes… From our sponsors (Please give us some money) Dude I have nothing to contribute about cricket… So washing machines are good topics. the clue is essentially to do with the way Srikkanth bats.. He is a very aggressive batsman,
slashes, slices, cuts.. outside the off stump. Can you think of song Ah the ‘Butcher of Barber street’ Ya thats… INDIYEAH Its a bollywood song. Arre that item song dude..
Ah item song.. correct. Remember the steps you will get the song. “Choli ke Peeche Kya Hai”? NO..
Not that kind of slashing… There were a lot of swords…There were a lot of swords Chalo… the song starts with Q Yeh kya Q hai? Yeh kya Q hai? Come on. Qayamat?
Not Qayamat. Sing it..
I am not going to sing it. I am not paid that much Dum Charades Karte hai chalo Lets make it Antakshari. Your hint is Feroze Khan I am not dancing again
You are not dancing again.. You can dance a bit.. It’s that tune…. You guys need to laugh {Ha Ha Ha So funny} Kaanta laga.. Not kaanta laga. Mehbooba Mere Mehbooba. Amjad Khan Qayamat? Oh Qurbani qurbani… So if you have watched Qurbani the song there are a lot of
swords in the video. Qurbani is the nickname. Because it was equated to sword slashing Which modern day cricketer gets his nickname
because of a cartoon character with long ears? Garfield?
Garfield does not have long ears Who invited him to this quiz? Nepotism Every state has quota I have the ignorant point of view.. that matters Ok this is how people get into the cricket
team.. Is the nickname goofy?
It’s not goofy goofy does not have pointed ears. Top Cat No!! INDIYEAH… Ok? We saw topcat in india. We saw topcat in India, I dont know how many people in the Indian cricket team saw topcat
in India. Oh Cheeku. Well Done. Take points.. So cheeku the rabbit and this is from Champak
comics. Does Virat kohli have long ears? He looks like a monkey dude. No where close to a rabbit. So the thing is that when he was a young cricketer… Lawyers watching the show.. please get in
touch. So when he was a young cricketer, in the youth
team, he used to get this really short hair cut.. which was cheap. and his ears used to
stick out. and so everyone used to call him Cheeku because of that. Because he looked
like Cheeku the rabbit. Virat Kohli himself talked about it on Kapil
Sharma’s show. I am embarassed to say that I watched it Not the only one here. So he himself narrated the story. We really have to evaluate the selection process.. Not a fan.. Dude I am a Sunil Grover fan. Just pure.. Why not Kapil Sharma show? He is a funny dude. You are just jealous of money That is true.. I am jealous of his money. He gets paid to do this. Shots being fired… Harman if you are googling the answer, at least wait for me to tell the question. Here’s
the question – If Virat is 18, Sachin is 10, Harmanpreet is 17. What is Andrew Leipus? Last name LEIPUS If you can tell me who Andrew Leipus is, I
will throw a few points. He used to be a physiotherapist…
Take points thrown. It’s like you get 30 points Andrew Leipus was the physiotherapist for the Indian cricket team. At point in time.
Somebody can tell me what the first 3 are a reference to.. Siddharth – shirt numbers fine. I thought it was the difference between the
ages of the spouses. Virat is 18… Well Sachin and his wife is 10. Sachin and his wife is probably 10. Anushka is nowhere close to 7 dude. I dont know about Andrew Leipus.. Well yeah, either Anushka is like 50 or 13.. No its not that. I think it is 25. 25 explain Nitin. So Indian cricketers right, they have this history of faking their ages to get into the
Under 19 team. Sadly true
So the numbers you mentioned are the ages these guys claimed.. Harmanpreet is not a
guy, but these cricketers claimed for when they played India U19 team. But Andrew Leipus
being non Indian, actually claimed his real age which is 25. Sachin Tendulkar said I was 10 when he went into the Indian cricket team.
And they were like… thats sounds right. your voice is like 10
Yes Berty Bryan Adams… Summer of 69… 69 Nice Why… That;s not the right answer… but
why.. ok I am just curious
His favorite song? Oh thank god.. I was thinking… Well the song is about something weird. Its good we went to song and not something Andrew Leipus’ shirt number is 92 because it was a reminder of how great South Africa
did in the 92 world cup I dont even know if Andrew Leipus is South
African… South Africa didn’t do well in that world
cup. I think thats the number they would want to
forget. Have they ever done well in the world cup?
I think thats the number they would want to forget. I will give you a hint – its to do with his profession
His profession matters at some level.. A little orthogonal I thought 12 because he is like the 12th man of the team. Nice. No thats Rohit Sharma. When do you call a physiotherapist on the
field. barah baje I mean… Not time as in time.. At what juncture. When you are in pain
Yeah.. when you are in pain… Oh 911. 911 is the answer. Take it wonderful. Well done dude. The reason why 911 was the emergency number was in the old style rotary dial telephone,
911 was one of the toughest ones to do because the 9 and the 1 were in the opposite directions.
So you will have to patch it in a certain way to get it through. So it actually takes
a little bit longer… But that means you know if it is true or not.. Its like intent. Why does Rahul Dravid wear 19 as his jersey
number after May 2003? The date is significant. That’s when he lost his virginity? Rahul Dravid is a gentleman. He doesn’t lose virginity. Gentleman keep it clean. Married..
Married… No no continue. That’s the date around the time he got married. So thats why not to forget his anniversary lies on a 19th. So he thought to make it as
his jersey number. So he is safe inside the house as well as outside the house.
Very very close… you are almost there. This much.. Thoda sa..
Dude tu aisa bolke tension de de tha hai. Either jawab de de
Engagement No
Sex why is everyone obsessed with…
Shaadi mein kya important hai yaar… Aap batao sir was it laxman’s wedding anniversary? I dont know where this is going right now
in this quiz. Dravid and laxman batted together for a long
time but I dont think… So when they were running between wickets
Laxman was looking at Dravid’s back a lot. It made lot more sense to have the other guy’s
wedding anniversary on the back than your own right? That doesn’t help anybody Uski wife ka birthday ho sakta hai. Uiyooo. le lo. Finally
Tab se dekh raha hai I dont have a wife dude.
You need to have a wife to know that people are born on a certain date. Its his wife birthday – was on 19th November and he said that if I have this on my jersey
I will be safe. Next Episode… Ravi Shastri’s romantic life… More Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll. Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe