Good morning, sir! (in the background) A person who loses at something in life, wins in some other ways… …but overcoming these situations in real life is quite difficult Life gives us a hundred reasons to be sad… …but if you are strong willed… …then you can find a thousand reasons to smile! We are at Akshya Pratishthan today… …to meet one such person who despite having polio… …created her own way and found a thousand reasons to smile! So, let’s meet Raj Bala ji… …who cooks at a school for specially abled kids My name is Raj Bala My age is 40 I stay in Mehrauli I have had this problem in my leg since I was 6 years old… …my father took me to Safdarjung Hospital… …there the doctors advised me to undergo a surgery… …or it could result in becoming a serious disease like cancer So, my father got me operated at the age of 6 only But as a side effect of the surgery my height stopped growing… …I faced a lot of problems like going to school… …I couldn’t stand or sit, couldn’t get up immediately… There were lot of family problems also … …which kept me tensed, depressed… …I was full of negative thoughts and kept blaming God for making me like this Before this I used to do a beautician course… …but because of my short height I couldn’t do tasks like cutting, threading, etc My morale got really down So, I came here and met Bhandari ma’am… …she advised me to take up sewing In my free time she advised me to go and look around the kitchen One day I prepared a meal, which was liked by everyone… …everybody decided to appoint me as the main cook… I’ve been the cook in-charge of Akshya Pratishthan ever since How long have you been cooking food? 21 years 21 years?! What all can you make? Everything! For kids – khichdi, porridge, poha, black beans, kheer, halwa! For the staff – dal, sabzi, rice, roti, salad In 2008-09, I got a severe back pain… …I couldn’t stand, sit or do any work… …I went to a doctor through the school After 6 months, I returned after extensive treatment… …then I joined back! What is the children’s favourite dish? Chole Kulche Chole Kulche! It must get really crowded when chole kulche is made! What do you enjoy making the most? People really like my kadi! Oh wow! Today you are making kadi? Yes We are going to enjoy a lot today! What do you usually make for kids? We make one snack daily which we serve to the kids… …like porridge, black beans, khichdi, poha, upma, kheer, halwa Kids leave by 2 pm with a full stomach You make one snack daily and serve it around 11 am, right? Yes Does their stomach get filled? Do they come back for more servings? Yes, when they come back we serve them again and their stomach gets filled! Before my surgery in 2008, I used to walk alone… …I had no issue in picking up things and working… …after my surgery, I had a lot of difficulties in working and picking up things… …I require a helper to work properly There was a kid once who had a problem in with hands… …so, I used to feel good after looking at him… …sometimes, I used to feed him with my own hands! …sometimes, I felt like picking him up in my arms! I would like to open my own restaurant some day… All my brothers & sisters who have the same problem as me… …and have given up on life and feel like committing suicide… …I would like to say one thing to them… …get out from your home try moving forward in life… …meet new people, talk to them… …build your confidence and don’t let your courage break down When I can move forward in life, then anybody can! Can I take a bite from your plate? So, guys finally I’m going to eat this Mine’s here! Ashish, now you can eat your own! I’ll eat my own And I won’t share my food! Earlier, khichdi was made when no one was in a mood to cook This usually happened on Saturdays, or when mother was tired In today’s time, khichdi is really underrated, I feel This khichdi is so tasty and spicy You have to come eat khichdi from here… …then only you’ll understand the nostalgia Choorma has a lot of diffrent types of versions But this choorma tastes like the filling inside Gujiya So, I’m really excited that I’m going to eat a full plate of this! So, I’ll shut up now! As they say, sailing your ship in calm waters cannot make you a good sailor Life tests you everyday But, if we make up our mind to do something in life like Raj Bala… …then life will itself become beautiful If this story moved you, don’t keep sitting… …there is very less time & lots of stories to tell Please subscribe to our channel And if you liked the video then please like, share And if you know about any Rasoi like this… …then please tell us in comments below Last time you gave a lot of love to our video… …it made us really happy! Thank you so much, guys! And I’m Neha… …signing out! You are watching ‘The Rasoi Project’