hey everyone welcome to Pai’s Kitchen
today we are gonna make yet another delicious Indonesian dish called
Mie Goreng so we did nasi goreng which is fried rice a while back so today we’re
gonna do “mie” and mie is noodles. So Mie Goreng simply means fried noodles so as
you can imagine there are many many different ways you can go about doing it
there are many different variations lots of different things you can put in it so
today I’m gonna show you the variety that the version that I like to do and
you can tell me how you like to make your mie goreng in the comments below
alright let’s get started! let’s make the sauce which is the heart of this dish
the sauce is very simple we’re gonna start with the most important ingredient
and that is sweet soy sauce look at that thick and luscious you know it’s gonna
be delicious just looking at the sauce now sweet soy sauce I have talked about
in my soy sauce 101 video you haven’t seen that check that out but just
briefly the bottle looks like this and you can find it at any Asian grocery store it’s
sweet almost molasses-y, delicious really important in Indonesian cooking
but it is not very salty so we’re gonna add saltiness by adding soy sauce so
regular soy sauce and oyster sauce you can also just do soy sauce,
more soy sauce and no oyster sauce but I like a combination of both and a little
bit of sesame oil, toasted sesame oil for some extra aroma I like to add a little
bit of heat and also a little bit of tartness so I like to use this Sambal
Oelek paste which is like a chili vinegar and garlic paste and I just like that a
little bit of tartness from the vinegar you don’t have to add it or you can do
sriracha as well if you have that in the house and that is it
that is the sauce so I’m just gonna talk through the main ingredients real
quickly noodles so for this I am using egg noodles and I bought mine already
cooked okay so I didn’t have to cook it or anything but I did just run it under
cold water just to wash off the oil that they used to coat the noodles cuz I
don’t know what kind of oil that is it’s probably not good oil,
so just give it a quick rinse. for this you can use any kind of egg noodles or
any kind of wheat noodles you like “mie” means wheat noodles so definitely
don’t use rice noodles for mie goreng, so I’ve got that and then for vegetables
you can really do whatever you want but here are my recommendations carrots
cabbage and then I like to have some sturdy greens because you know you want
some greens in there you can do bok choy gai lan (Chinese broccoli) or I happen to
have some nice kale so that’s what I am doing and then also just a little bit of
tomatoes and some green onions which you’re gonna throw in at the end and I
love adding tomatoes at the end it adds sort of a nice bright juicy acidity when
you eat so this would be highly recommended other than that everything
else is super simple let’s get cooking okay so I’ve got my wok here and as per
usual when I do stir fry’s you know me I like to cook off my protein separately
so I can control the doneness of it today I’m using shrimp I’m just gonna
sear them off so I’m using some shallot oil here because I made some fried
shallots earlier which are gonna go on top at the end you don’t have to if
you’re gonna use store-bought fried shallots or you’re gonna not have fried
shallots just use regular cooking oil and no matter how well I think I dry my
shrimp they still splatter on me. Snd if you’re
gonna do sort of more bland protein like chicken breast
make sure you marinate it in a little bit of soy sauce so that it has some
flavor and yes I would also cook that off separately I’m gonna toss them into
the bowl and in the same wok keep the heat sort of medium to medium low
for now. A bit more oil now I’m going to add garlic shallots and some extra Thai
chilies because I’m feeling spicy today you don’t have to. Cook that down to
soften the shallots, infuse all those flavors into the oil alright I got small
pieces of garlic and things starting to brown the shallots are becoming translucent my vegetables and if you’re using tender
tender greens you could save it for later but because my kale, you can’t
overcook kale, the kale is very sturdy so I’m adding it now. Give that a quick toss and
add just a little bit of the sauce just to give the vegetables some seasoning
love so it doesn’t all end up on the noodles. And for our Patreon members who
have access to the show after the show today I’m going to talk a little more
about the cultural context of Mie Goreng and also some variation options that you
can try at home. Are you alright? And once again Adam is dying of chili fumes, okay
so the vegetables are somewhat wilted now I’m happy with that I’m gonna just
push them aside a little add a little more oil cuz I’m gonna I’m gonna put my
eggs in and break the yolks slightly let that set
I put the vegetables over the egg so it can sort of like smother give it 30
seconds and do a flip and your egg should be browned on the bottom which is
what we want and now the noodles go in and right away the sauce and now changing weapon and I’m just
gonna toss, look how beautiful that looks colorful and that is it I’m turning off
the heat I’m adding my tomatoes and green onions by the way if you can get
roma tomatoes use roma tomatoes because they’re less juicy when I was at the
store, the roma tomatoes sucked so I have to get regular juicy tomatoes, but less
juicy is better and that is it I do not want to cook the tomatoes to death
because I don’t want them to start getting mushy… oh my god! I knew this
would happen shrimp don’t forget to throw your
protein back in see it’s a good thing they’re already cooked now we’re ready
to eat look at that looks so good make sure I get lots of tomatoes cuz that’s
my favorite part I added a lot of vegetables to this recipe because listen
baby needs vegetables okay so I’m doing.. I want indulgent noodles but I’m still
like okay I still got to make this kind of healthy so here we go if you want you
can also finish it with some crispy fried shallots oh my god so good and I
will include how to make fried shallots in the written recipe it is not hard you
can also buy it but it’s so much better to make it that’s it time to eat one of those things you know it’s gonna
be good before you even eat it and when you eat it it sticks like yep it’s
exactly as good as I thought it would be the sauce is sweet and salty just the
perfect combination with a little bit of cake from all the chilies the little
tartness from the Sun bomb the tomatoes it’s just a flavorful flavorful dish and
all those vegetables make sure you pick some crunchy vegetables cuz those crunch
is really important in contrasting the chewy noodles and all that stuff it’s a
simple I suppose it’s healthy there’s lots of vegetables in there but
definitely an easy weeknight friendly thing that you can do that will please
everybody in the family so the recipe as always will be on Paiskitchen.com when
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