welcome to ghar ka khana 200gm bonless chicken, long and thinly cut 1 egg, 1 capsicum long and thinly cut 1 onion long and thinly cut garlic fine chopped. green onion fine chopped, 4 green chilli 1/2 cut red chilly sauce,soya sauce vinegar salt, green chilly sauce, black papper powder, cornflour, oil for frying take bowl add chicken add 1/4 tsp salt 4 tbsp cornflour 1/4 tsp black pepper powder 1tbsp green chilly sauce 1tbsp red chilly sauce 1/2 tbsp soya sauce add egg mix well mixed well cover the lid and keep in freez 1/2 an hour for marinate our chicken is well marineted pour oil in pan and allow oil to heat oil is hot now put the chicken in hot oil one by one fry chicken until it turns golden brown keep flame medium and stir in between now our chicken is tured golden brown its tooks 10 to 12 mins remove chicken in kitchen towel take a new pan 3 tbsp add oil our oil is hot add 2tbsp chopped garlic add chopped onion fry until it becomes golden brown our onion is golden brown now add capsicum green onion mix well add green chilli sauce 1tbsp, 1tbsp red chilli sauce 1tbsp soya sauce mix well salt 1/2 tsp or to taste add vinegar 2tbsp mix well mixed well add fryed chicken add green chilli mix again mixed well now we will prepare corn flour slurry 2 tsp cornflour add 2tsp normal water lets make smooth slurry our slurry is ready now now we add slurry in chicken mix well lets cook for 2mins more our dry chicken chilli is ready turn off the flame and let surve garnish with green onion surve Hot