– [Narrator] In the
Indian city of Amritsar, there is a shining temple that is one of the most
visited places in the world. (upbeat music) The Harmandir Sahibor,
or the Golden Temple, is the chief house of worship
for the Sikh religion. The name literally
translates to “House of God”. And millions of Sikhs travel to the temple every month on pilgrimage. Surrounded by a pool of holy water, the temple was founded in 1574 to be a place of worship for men and women of all walks of life to worship equally. The temple was constructed
out of marble and copper and is covered with a layer of gold foil, giving the temple its signature shine. Perhaps the most impressive
part of the temple is the langar, the Sikh community kitchen. Every day they provide more
than 100,000 free meals in one of the largest
kitchens in the world. No matter a visitor’s reason
for going to the Golden Temple, they will surely be impressed by the architecture,
history and community. (dramatic orchestral music)