India has a motorcycle temple, a rat temple and recently I took you guys to India’s beer temple. Today I’m taking you to India’s food temple. You will not believe this place. There are priests in this temple cooking 56 different holy Hindu dishes. It is out of this world. We’re gonna try the food as well, Don’t worry, and this video is special because these kitchens are being relocated soon So let’s go, come and explore incredible India with me. Right now the priests are cooking in these small little rooms over these wood fires. They are preparing the food and the food is all ‘sattvic’, which means there’s no chili, there’s no garlic, there’s no onion use at all. And you’ll notice they’re cooking in these earthen pots. it’s a very old-school traditional way of cooking. They’ve got their firewood behind us here. And the whole place is just surrounded by these earthen pots and Yeah, they’re filled of all the chopped vegetables. It’s really incredible. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Oh, I can’t go any further. The way they prepare these foods they have very very strict regulations, okay. It has to be prepared by Brahmins and as an outsider, and I’m not a Brahmin. I can’t really enter into these specific areas. They’re just for the priests, only the priests are allowed to cook at the Brahmin priests. This is the temples cat. This priest’s cat, cat’s name is pushy. And yeah, it’s drinking. What is this? Is this milk?
Priest: Yes. Karl: Wow, what a lucky cat. The way these guys are all just cooking so much food to be sold in a market later. And I guess this is a way that the priests and the temple can can earn some money, by feeding people. By feeding people this sacred food actually, it’s holy. It’s called ‘Prasad’ and it is actually blessed by the God before it’s sold. So this is holy food. And this is a 13th century temple and they’re still cooking from those same recipes from back then. So they don’t have any imported vegetables here. There’s no tomatoes. There’s no potatoes they use. It is all very very traditional only Indian vegetables and spices from that time. They’re keeping the traditions really really old-school and yet It’s incredible to see. Here in Odisha they don’t just give ‘laddu’ as offering, you know, so many temples you just they’re just giving out ‘laddu’, right. But there are so many different curries and varieties of food here that they have as offering in Odisha, even fish. There are some kind of fish temples where the gods favorite food is fish. So that’s the offering that is given to people who visit the temple. The food is now being blessed. It is literally being carried in every single pot into this temple here and it’s in front of the gods. There is priests in their blessing every single pot people are just bringing it in and bringing the food out. We’re gonna go and eat the food now. It’s gonna be served to us in Anand market just over this side. So this whole kind of premises is connected. You’ve got the kitchens on the far left. In the middle you’ve got the temple where the food gets blessed. Then it gets brought across here to Anand market where we can buy and eat the food. I can hear them listing the food in there now. Anyway, let’s go through to Anand market and I’ve never seen anything quite like this before honestly, a temple with a market like this. Just look at this. There’s like 20 or 30 different stores here and in this market and all selling this pure food cooked by these Brahmin priests. Have you ever seen a market in site of a temple grounds? Wow. This is something special seriously. India never stops amazing me, you know. The variety of temples and what people are doing in these temples is just that’s really cool. These guys with the baskets on their heads, they’re carrying the food into the market now and they’re literally selling it from these earthen pots. We’re gonna take a banana leaf and we’re gonna fill it up. And yeah, we’re gonna chow down on this food now and I wasn’t sure how it was gonna look right? It’s sattvic, It’s missing some spices that I love but it just looks incredible the food here. Oh, I can’t wait to try it. Now you guys can’t see him but Vish has been here the whole time with me. Vish: Hello
Karl: Hey bro How do you know this guy that we’re gonna buy our food from? Vish: Over the years we’ve realized that the quality that he gives is really good. Karl: Cool, so you guys have like tied up with this guy, basically. He’s your favorite here.
Vish: He’s my favorite here. I love him. He is a thorough gentleman. Deranjan Raina I think his food, his food or his offering that he serves up is of the best quality. Karl: Awesome. Okay. Let’s try, let’s dig in. He’s just packing a takeaway order now and they pack these takeaway orders in these urban pots as well. It’s so cool. So first we have to clean the plate we’re eating off this banana leaf. So you just put a bit of water on it. You just kind of rub it around and then throw the water off. Sorry, I threw the water on him. He is a priest here. Sorry And now he’s gonna start serving me. So we’ve got rice. Sure These all different flavors of rice here. Wow. Oh my god, this is already too much food for me, though. How am I gonna eat all this? Guys I have 11 different dishes here in front of me. And honestly, I thought that the sattvic food would be kind of tasteless because that’s what I’ve experienced in the past but I’ve dipped my finger in every single one of these curries and these rices and tasted them already and The flavors are so strong and beautiful. I cannot believe what I’m gonna show you guys right now. This is truly incredible. Let’s start with the rices there. I’ve got three rices, this first rice is called oriya rice, and it’s named after the people of Odisha. Hmm just rice. It’s basically a really really fragrant rice. It’s cooked with raisins. And I know a few other little spices. It’s very very delicate flavor. It’s very aromatic. We got plain rice. I’m not gonna bother with that. Then we have this one. I’m gonna call it sweet rice. It’s yellow. For some reason it’s sweet. I’ve never had sweet rice before. This is the thing I would eat this last. It’s more like a desert. Now to the curries to the lentils, to the chickpeas my favorite. Let’s start with this typical yellow lentil. So, Yellow lentil is usually really tasty, right? This one they’ve put in tons and tons of sugar. It’s a sweet lentil. I mean I can handle the sweet rice, but a sweet lentil, No, thanks, but they’ve done this because Lord Jagannath. We like sweet things, right? That’s why some of these things are a bit sweeter the rice and the lentil. The lentil is very sweet, too sweet. Let’s go to next one. Imma, go for the chickpeas. Chickpeas is always my favorite. Wow It tastes like like a Punjabi village chickpeas, you know like a village chickpeas. very very good tons of flavor Even though like there’s no onion. Still so much flavor. Wow Now this one in front of me, this is Dalma. This is one of the most famous dishes here in Odisha Give it a go now This is more like it. There’s no sugar in there. It’s like a yellow lentil. There’s this fruit you get in India I have no idea what it’s called, but it looks like a tiny watermelon. Next I got this kind of chutney its tamarind and a few other things And just just check out the color. It’s very very I don’t know. What is this color? Maroon. It’s a very tangy and very sweet tamarind chutney this next one is called Mohura. And It’s kind of like a leafy green curry kind of like a, it looks like a spinach curry to me. Give it a go. Get a strong taste of like, of like leafy spinach leafy greens you know. It’s okay, okay What I’ve noticed that most of these dishes is a little bit of mustard. There’s at least mustard seeds in these dishes and this is very very typical of food here in Odisha. You get like fish cooked with just mustard like fish and mustard together. If you like mustard this is the place for you. And one of my favorite dishes actually it’s mustard greens and corn bread where we get there like punjab and haryana and that comes from the the mustard plant as well. This next one it’s another lentil, it’s called besara and I’m gonna call it mustard lentil. There’s a vegetable in here which basically looks and tastes like a potato, but it’s not potato. And yeah, it tastes like mustard and potato It’s a mustard lentil. The flavors are just so strong and so yummy. Alright, I’m on to the tenth dish here, Mohura. Hmm less mustard and it’s a mixed vegetable type curry. I’ve got sweet rice pudding left, which is a sweet dish. We’ll leave that for last and then I have this kind of this fruity yogurt. This is like brighter on steroids. This is extreme yogurt. It’s called pachidi. My goodness Oh God! Long live Jagannath, that’s all I can say about this food, Long live Jagannath. It’s not even a yogurt, it’s like a fruit salad an Indian fruit salad. So this way I can describe it. Got these massive grapes It’s called pomegranates. Cucumber It’s got Apple and lots of coconut. It’s something special man this food honestly. Now to sweet rice pudding. Can you tell how happy I am being here and eating all this amazing food? This stuff is so unique. You won’t get anywhere else. How can I eat sweet rice pudding without a spoon? Let’s try, there’s an ant You might eat a few ants while you’re here. Let it be here we go. Oh, it’s warm. The sweet rice pudding is less sweet I’m happy about that. Kheer is basically like sweet rice pudding. It’s very good. This has been such a unique experience. My favorite here is definitely the Oriya rice, the chickpeas and this amazing amazing coconut kind of fruit salad. I could live off these three dishes and the sweet rice pudding too. If you get time and you come to bhubaneswar you have to come to this temple and you have to do this. This whole plate of food is gonna set you back around 150 rupees only, okay. And you can get takeaway for your family you just order as to how many people you have Okay, and they’re going to serve you take away in those earthen pots as well. Everything is eaten out of these and banana leafs. Now guys Go and check out Just Vish’s channel and support my channel. Hit that join button become a channel member to get a bunch of member only exclusive benefits so I can continue to keep bringing you videos from here in incredible India. Thank you guys so much for your support and Bro, One two, three Long live India and Long live Jagannath.