Alright Sam. Sam the man. Yeah. Yeah. First off all want to show us your new shirt? Oh yeah, love this new shirt. Got this in Jaisalmer. And I actually saw the artist like while he
was painting. Yeah, it is hand painted. It is incredible. So cool. So cool. Anyways back on top. We’re going out for dinner. We’re hungry. We’re going out for food. We ate at this place called Jhankar for lunch. Jhankar in Jodhpur (जोधपुर). Oh, it was so good Actually it was one of
the best meals we’ve had in India so far. Yeah. So we are heading back there for dinner. And it is all about Thali (थाली) tonight. We are going to get an original Thali (थाली)
and a Rajasthani Thali (राजस्थानी खाना). Because we are in Rajasthan (राजस्थान
ਰਾਜਸਥਾਨ) and they have a special Thali so we can’t wait to try that out. Now it is off to find a little tuk-tuk. Alright, lead the way. Lead the way. Okay lots of tuk-tuks up ahead. This is good. Tuk-tuk-y adventure! Tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk. We made friends with the Japanese guy who
we were in Jaisalmer and he called them tuk-tukies. So that is what we call them to now. Tukie-tukies. Confession time. We already had lunch here and the food was
so amazing that we’ve told the waiter right away we’re coming back for dinner. So we decided to come and sample um local
Thali (थाली). Rajasthani Thali (राजस्थानी
खाना). So that is what we’ve ordered. And also one thing I should mention this restaurant
is run by a Jain family. So that means they are vegetarian and they
don’t eat any egg products. So yeah, we’re going to be having a vegetarian
meal today. Which is pretty cool. And apparently 70% of Rajasthan (राजस्थान
ਰਾਜਸਥਾਨ) is vegetarian so the majority of the population do not eat meat. Which is pretty interesting. So yeah let’s wait for the food. Meow meows. Come let’s be friends. Meow meows. Come kitty. Meow meows. So we have found a kitty and we’re trying
to lure him over. There are not many cats in India. You know this is the first cat we’ve seen. Yeah, maybe it is. We’ve seen monkeys, we’ve seen cows, we’ve
seen tonnes of dogs. But not a lot of cats. And I think this one is a pet. It is hanging out in the restaurant but it
is a little skittish. It is a little shy. It is not coming quite close enough for us
to pet. And now it left. It is gone. There it goes. Bye cat. So a few months ago I realized I was going
through our photos and Sam and I don’t have any photos of us together. No selfies. It is usually just like monuments and random
buildings and landscapes. And basically just sites. Just the way I like it. I’m not a big selfie guy. Hahaha. Anyways now I’m making him do selfies everyday. This is what the selfies look like. Come. Come along. Look happy. Selfie time. The drinks are here. I’m having lime soda and check it out. All that lime was in one glass but I’m sharing
with Sam because that would be way too sour for me. Soda time. This is such a refreshing drink. Yeah. Oh but Sam got an even fancier drink. I sure did. You should show us your lassi (लस्सी). Alright Mister, so I got myself a saffron
lassi and that seems to be the special lassi of especially this city in Jodhpur (जोधपुर). That is the one you got for lunch. And this one is so thick. They put a spoon in here. I don’t even think I can drink it. No straw. Let me try. Use a spoon. Mmmm. It almost looks like it could be dessert in
and of itself. Oh, that is so good. That is so rich and creamy. And really really taste that saffron and then
a lot of sugar added too. Oh man I’m going to actually try it from the
spoon this time. Mmmm. That is almost as thick as like a yoghurt
or a curd. That is some really good lassi (लस्सी). Shizzam. The food has arrived. So they brought us over these two giants platters. And oh my goodness it is way bigger than I
was expecting. Oh yeah. I don’t know how Sam and I are going to eat
all of this. It looks absolutely incredible. And we also got free desserts. So we’ve got our work cut out for us. So first up I’ll show you my platter. I’m having the Rajasthani Thali set (राजस्थानी
खाना). So again it is vegetarian so lots of vegetable
options going on. We’ve got some biryani rice, some mystery
thick rice, some ghee which is kind of like curd or yoghurt. I think it is called ghee. Um, some more veggies with uh it looks like
it has cashews. Cashew nuts. You know what I think we’re just going to
have to try it because I don’t even know what I’m looking at right now. Yeah, they didn’t list it on the menu. Yeah, so this is all a big surprise. Just dip it in. Break off a piece of bread. Oh, this looks like again all vegetable here. It is a vegetarian restaurant. I keep forgetting that. Mmm. How is that? Mmmm. What is it? This one reminds me of dal. Like a really spicy dal. Spicy huh? Lentil base. This one right here. My throat is on fire. Haha. Are you going to have some more of that? Urrghh. My throat is on fire. No. No. Okay moving on. Biryani with cauliflower. This is something we had for lunch. Oh, it was amazing. Tomatoes. Green peas. It is just so colorful. Like the way that they this is some of the
best biryani. I would say it is the best vegetarian biryani
rice I’ve ever had. Yeah. That is good. What else do we have here? I have no idea what this is. Just keep trying everything. Do it all at once. What do you think that is? Is it good? No clue. It is good. Do you have a favorite so far? Well, even though this like this is super
spicy this is actually really tasty. Okay try the one with the cashews. I’m curious about that. Alright, lots of greens here. I think I need a fork for this. Woah. Wow. What could this be. That looks really interesting. Mmmm. Root-y. Rooty. Rooty. Not fruity. Rooty. Again nothing I’m familiar with. Do you like that? Mmmm. And you got one more right? At the end. One more. One more and then the curd too. Yeah, you know what? Like we actually tried to do some research
on Rajasthani Cuisine (राजस्थानी खाना) but there is just so much out
there. Oh, excellent. Very good thank you. There is just so much out there that it is
really hard to learn the names of everything and really know what you’re having because
each restaurant does something completely different. Mmmm. It is all a mystery to me. Everything is delicious I have no idea what
I’m eating. That is very rare. I usually like to come prepared but today
it is just like surprise. Surprise. We’re eating good food. It is a delicious surprise so I can’t complain. Okay Sam. And you have the he called it a Jimbo. A jumbo thali (தட்டு). I think this is a bit more of a classic Thali
(थाली). So I’m just going to try everything. So I’ll start off over here. Oh that looks good. I think there is cheese on the outside. Look at that. Oh wow. With curd. Oh my gosh that looks so good. I want some of that. Oooh. Oooh. Oooh he says. That is some wonderful curry. It has got a bit of a tomato base. But really thick spicy, creamy. Oh my gosh. All the good things in life. All the good things in life. That is just amazing. And there is also chunks of yeah the cottage
cheese. I’m going in for another one. That was just so good. Another bite of the same thing. Oh yeah. That is when you know it is good. Right. Savory. Savoring. Oh my gosh when you have really good Indian
food oh I don’t think there is too many cuisines that can beat this. Yeah, this is right up there. Next I’m going in that is the one I had. That one will set looks like dal your mouth
on fire. That looks like dal. I’m going. Just give it a few seconds. That one is not spicy. What? Huh. Not as spicy as yours at least. Okay no wait a minute. It is going to hit you. Oh yeah. Whoops. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Okay let’s go in for that curd. Oh, that is nice a thick. Look at that. You see how thick that is? Yes. Woo hoo! I really like that they include curd because
you really need it to balance out the spiciness. You do. Exactly that is the one that kind of cools
your palette down a bit. Mmmhmmm. Alright, moving on. Moving on. I’ve got something that kind of looks like
Aloo gobi (आलू गोभी) and I am using my fork here because I don’t want to
spill it all over the place. I’m going to dish it up like that. Oh nice chunks of cauliflower, tomato. Mmmm. Mmmm. Yeah. Mmmm. Lots of mmmm going on. What is surprising is they put a really spicy
and very flavorful. It is very spicy and flavorful and I really
taste the cauliflower and the peas. And that is just good. That is just good. He says. Also we have some fresh veggies. I totally ignored mine but right. It looks like some cucumber and tomato there. And last but not least. And Sam is like uh-uh. I’m not having fresh veggies. I’m going in for the rice instead. Yep. Mmmm. And some more. Mmmm. Hahaha. I don’t know if you guys can hear but Sam
is like giggling to himself. Okay so we’ve been traveling in India for
over a week now. About a week and half I would say. This is my favorite meal so far. Yeah. Absolutely. This place is just so good. The food is just all so good. I just can’t wait to devour all of it. There is going to be nothing left behind. Those eyes. Devor it. Nothing left behind. On my plate anyways. Alright, let’s enjoy. I’ve been making a very slow and steady progress
here because it is just so much food. But let’s move over to Sam’s platter. Look at that. I’ve almost taken care of it. He’s already finished three little bowls. He’s working on the 4th. Saving the favorite for last as usual. As I always do. And you know what? I tried to get a little bit of that and he’s
like ‘no’ that is my favorite. Stay away. Anything but that one. Stay away. That is the best. But you know what? I’m going to need some help here. You will. This was just a massive portion. And you’ve got yoghurt all over your lips
boy. Whoopsies. Oh man, I had to put my hair up because I
was getting the food sweats. Haha. I’m getting big food sweats. I haven’t even finished the mains but we’ve
got three desserts waiting for us. These two were complementary because we just
ordered so much food and it is our second time coming back here today. So the names. I believe he said this one is Rasgulla. I believe this third one is something like
Rasmalai. Yep. And this one had such a complicated name (Gulab
jamun) he repeated it like three times and I still couldn’t get it. So this is what we’re having for dessert. Admittedly we don’t know our Indian sweets
that much. I know jalebi that is one of my favorites. Yeah. That spiral orange stuff that tastes like
honey. Yeah, that is one of my favorites but I don’t
know a lot of the other names so we’re kind of just and we didn’t realize we were going
to order dessert so we did not research that either. So sorry guys. It looks very sweet. This one is like floating in syrup. Well, let’s try them. Let’s grab a spoon. Try them. Maybe I’m supposed to use my hands. No I’d do a spoon. I’d do a spoon. Ooh. Oh wow. Oh my. Sponge-y. Sponge-y. I bet that is so sweet. Whenever I’ve had Indian desserts like with
syrup at the bottom it is usually. I just want a tiny piece. Try that. So it looks sponge-y. It does look sponge-y. Like a sponge-y dessert. Let’s see. Wow. Is that good? That is super sweet. Haha. That is like sopping syrup. Yep. Okay. Wow. Next one. But it is really light and fluffy. Do you like it? Mmmhmmm. Okay this other one. Moving on. This we actually had on the airplane. On the flight to Delhi from Kathmandu. Oh crunchy. It sounds a little crunchy. No it is not crunchy. But look. It is a little more dense than the one I just
tried. It looks thicker. And again like it is soaked in syrup. The texture kind of reminds me a little bit
of marzipan. Yep. It doesn’t taste anything like that though. But kind of like a similar texture. Okay both super sweet. And last. Last. I’m going to let you try this one because
I’m like on a sugar high after two little bites. Hahaha. Ready to introduce us to the 3rd and final
dessert. Oh wow that is a little tough to break off. It kind of has a bread like texture. It looks like French Toast. It could be. Let’s try it. Wow. It is kind of like that. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah, it has just been soaked in it tastes
a bit like the sauce tastes a little bit like rice pudding. It has a bit of coconut-y taste but yeah this
is actually bread. You can see the fluffiness. It looks like a little bit of pastachio on
top. Some pistachio too. And it has been soaked in this stuff. It is really good. Mmm. But Sam are those beads of sweat from all
of the food? That is a proper Thai sweat here. A thali (தட்டு) sweat? A thali (थाली) sweat here in India. Oh my goodness. Best kind of sweats. Well the sun has set. The birds are chirping and we are feeling
beyond stuffed. Beyond stuffed. And just before I talk about the price point
the staff here are just so nice. Our waiter allowed me to go up to the rooftop
even though I wasn’t eating there. And it was just like the right timing. The sun was setting you could see the fort. Oh, it was so cool. Anyways, now moving on to the price point. That was 850 Rupees. So you’re talking $12 US bucks. Uh-huh. And that included everything. Drinks. So we ordered three different drinks. Yeah. Two different Thalis (थाली). And they gave us two complimentary desserts
but also we paid for our last dessert. And so that was an insane amount of food. The quality was outstanding. Like that is one of those meals that reminds
me of why I love being on the road so much. Like we are such foodies and food is such
an important part of the reason we travel. And that like reconfirms things. That is the best 12 bucks we’ve spent on food
in a very long time. It is especially I can agree. This place is just awesome. You have to check it out if you’re in Jodhpur
(जोधपुर). We’ll leave the address and the name of the
restaurant in the description below. Okay, bye. Ciao.