Vancouver city gave me so much love that I don’t feel like leaving it I am excited to go to Toronto but I am doubtful if it will be able to replace my favorite city which is Vancouver at the moment This trip costed me about $480 as I booked in a package from Atlanta to Vancouver Vancouver to Toronto and Toronto to back to Atlanta. Just I first checked if I just want to see just 1 city like only Toronto or only Vancouver then the price would have been about $350 . so that’s why i took the best decision So the best adventure to see both the cities all together It was 4.5 hour long flight and I slept for 4 hours. Time just flew super fast. Started at 10:45 pm. Reached Toronto at 6:15 am First of all thanks to the Auntie from Ludhiana who gave me blanked when I was sleeping so I felt like I am in Business class. Feels so Fresh now Here no one checks if you have a ticket or not. a physical person checks it like TT. So if you accidentally forget then you have to pay $100 fine I did a mistake while checking the stop. I come out at the wrong stop so I have to walk for 30 mins instead of 8 min from the Subway station I didn’t have wifi inside train and no network so I couldn’t check. a new train ticket will again cost me $3.25 so I will just walk Uber is super expensive. $10 as compared to $3 to $4 in Boston, ATL etc I will just walk and I can see Toronto is beautiful I thought Toronto must be as colder but it is as Cool as Vancouver so I don’t need another jacked. I don’t need gloves either It seemed like a Staff building from outside but students can work here too. What other universities you got accepted to? 4 Canadian & 8 US You might not know that University of Toronto has major specific requirements. For example CS has maybe requirement for 85% in any board Punjab, CBSE etc I got 97% in boards Its not just about boards. Subjects also matter for example for CS: Physics, Chemistry, Math score also matters What’s the requirement for CS here? Requirement is 85% but they may accept you but its difficult to enroll with under 95% score So 95% is important? Yes it is Why didn’t you choose U of Waterloo that has the best Co-op program in North America? Waterloo city is boring. I wanted the downtown vibes. It is in the heart of the city. I definitely agree if you have to stay in a village after spending that much money then its definitely not worth it. What’s your best experience here so far? Friends, social circle. I have learned a lot from them Talking about the on campus life. As you already know in US they have unlimited buffet for $2000 per semester UBC is different explained in my last video 2. 15 meals in a week. in other words 15 buffet in a week 3. Gift card amount to get food from any restaurant in this campus So depending on your food choices and food capacity you can choose here In other words the life is little bit isolated. but they have the best co-op culture. I will explore and let you know