You guys know I do things differently. So we are not going to Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi to film a food tour. I want you guys to experience new food and new places. So today, we are in Bahadurgarh in Haryana. It’s a small town of around 200 thousand people to eat like a local. Let’s do it. I’m here today with my Haryanvi behen (sister), Alia Bhatt. Say hello. Alia: Hi There is a protest going on. They’re all coming right here actually. Check this out. This is India. You will always stumble upon things like this. So what that guy was saying is that the Haryana government is converting the Haryana Roadways, the public buses, into private buses. People are gonna lose a lot of benefits or all people might lose their discount on the buses because its become private now. These guys have been protesting for 17 days now, all over Haryana, and I actually saw them yesterday when I was riding to Bahadurgarh. And I’ll take any opportunity I can to support the aam aadmi, to support the common man here in India. Because that’s what India runs on: the common man. They run this country. They feed everybody. They do all the work. They do everything in this country so.. I really have a lot of respect for the aam aadmi, the farmers and all of these types of people in India. Alright. Right now, we are outside Billu De Pakodewala. This guy does the best pakode in all of Haryana. This place is gonna be the busiest place you visit here. It is famous in Bahadurgarh. So famous that people will even comment in the comments on YouTube telling me to come here. It’s that famous. And so what a pakoda is is.. it’s kind of like a samosa. In this case, it’s deep fried. Onions, chillies, potato and eggplant. And they just coat each vegetable in a batter and the batter is made of gram flour, not of pastry like a samose And then it’s just deep fried. Just like deep friend vegetables and I hate vegetables so.. If you deep fry them and you put a bunch of spices in them, I’m gonna love it. I know it. They have so many flavors here. There is palak, uh spinach, there’s sandwiches.. theres paneer.. Alia: Aloo, paneer, onions. Karl: Yeah Alia: We are trying potato and spinach. Karl: C’mon, let’s go in. This is paalak (spinach). This one is… what is this? Onion. This one is gonna be paneer (Indian cheese). So look inside. There is a big chunk of paneer and it’s covered by this gram flour batter. And finally, after I destroyed the mould, what is this? Potato. I’m gonna start with the spinach, paalak. It’s really britty like, you know, this one is too britty for me. There you go.. Paneer.. You don’t get the britty taste like you can do in pakode. They can become really britty if there’s not a lot of fillings in them. Now we will go for potato. It’s good. It’s spicier than the others. There’s some kind of.. they’ve covered these in some kind of garam masala as well so.. And finally, onion. This looks really britty so I don’t know how it’s gonna be. I love onions so this is much better than the spinach version. So my favorite is definitely the paneer pakode. And yours? Alia: Mine is potato. Aloo. Karl: Potato, she said. In between the two layers, you can actually see they put spices in there as well. Mmm.. Billu’s Pakode definitely lives up to it’s name and I’m so glad I came here after all the comments I got on my channel about this place. Alright. Let’s get a shake, guys. And this is the most famous shakewalla in all of Bahadurgarh. And what’s the best shake here? Alia, tell me. Alia: Papaya shake. Karl: Papaya Shake? C’mon, lets do it. That shake was too good. So in it was rosewater, there was milk.. Heh, as I’m saying these ingredients, I’m having to translate them from Hindi to English. So rosewater, milk, ice cream and papaya, of course. Lots of papaya. And it tasted like.. like an ice cream shake. Exactly like back home. It’s awesome. And the guy was telling me.. twelve Kiwis came here recently for a wedding. And they came and they had papaya shake in his store so.. yeah that’s how famous this place is. Bahadurgarh is a really small place. There’s only around a 1,70,000 people here. And in Haryana, their main income comes from agriculture. There are a lot of farmers and farms here. Bahadurgarh city is really growing actually, because as you can see behind me, the metro has just arrived here. The metro comes all the way from Central Delhi to Bahadurgarh and connects it so… It’s a place where people are buying properties. Now the property prices have sky-rocketed in the last few years because of the metro. And we are just a few kms away from the border of Delhi here. We are in Haryana at the moment. Third thing we are gonna eat right now is chaap. And chaap.. what is chaap? Chaap is basically a meat substitute.. that’s what I think of it as. It’s soya bean and it’s made into kebabs. And it tastes.. it kind of tastes like chicken. It’s the closest vegetarian thing you can get to chicken. So I love it. The only problem with it is.. to give the soya bean this consistency of like juicy and chickeny.. it’s deep fried. So it’s not healthy but.. it’s tasty and it’s a great substitute for meat if you are a vegetarian. Karl: Yeah.. Karl: Yes.. Karl: Wow. This is Malai Chaap and malai just means cream so it’s chaap covered in cream. And some basic spices.. that’s all. It’s really really creamy and it just tastes like chicken covered in cream basically. It’s really tasty.This one is veg Boti and it’s basically a really really spciy chaap. Well it’s got a kick man. Shiiii. Oh my god! Spicy as hell! It’s like my mouth is in hell right now. Basically the opposite of Malai chaap. It’s just chaap covered in red chilli and then you put a bit of lime over it and that kind of cancels out the chilli flavor.. a little bit and makes it kind of tangy and hot. It’s good, it’s good. Make way for the cows. They’re crossing. Look at that. Alright. It’s time for something sweet and this is the beauty of a Harayanvi mithaiwalla, Haryanvi sweet store. Look at all these delicious sweets behind me. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. I have a real sweet tooth. Originally, it was just for chocolate. I never even liked Indian sweets for a long time. But eventually, they do grow on you. They’re so different from what we are used to eating in the West, right? But you get used to them and you start to love them. My favorite are motichoor laddoo and jodhpuri laddoo, gulab jamun.. Everything actually. So right now we have Kaaju Cassatta and Ice Cream Cassaatta. Kaaju Cassatta and Ice Cream Cassatta are little bit different. Ice Cream Cassatta here has got three different flavors. It’s got Tooti Frooti, it’s got mango and it’s got strawberry. And it’s kind of surrounded and crusted by a bread layer.. bread crumbs on the top and bottom. Kaaju Cassatta they sell here is three different flavors. It’s pistachio, it’s mango, it’s kaaju which is cashews. And there’s a silver foil around the top that you actually eat. And then inside the very middle there, they have almonds. And you can taste kind of the three flavors when you bite into it just like when you eat the ice cream as well so.. That’s kind of the cool thing about kaaju cassatta; the different layers of flavors that you get from the sweet. No, it’s fine. I don’t want a spoon. I’m gonna use my hands like a desi (local Indian) boy. Check that out. Oh my god, it tastes the same. So try the kaaju cassatta. I’ve never had it or seen it anywhere out. I’ve only seen it here in Bahadurgarh. So maybe I think I’m here to get it but it’s worth trying. It’s good. I’m just walking through the Thursday night market now. And what I want you to do is tell me what was your favorite food that I ate today. And give me some hints. ell me where should I go next and film one of these videos, you know.. places that are off the beat and track.. places that foreigners don’t go. That’s what I want to show you guys. That’s what excites me. And that’s where we can all see new things and learn new things and see new places.