Hey, Foodies. This is second Day in Ahmedabad. Wow I just Love it. Today I am at a special location, where I
am going to show you some Diwali Special Sweets, which you can bought from very very well known
and a reputed Mithai Wala Which is known as Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand Sweet Wala in Ahmedabad. Before driving to the detail of each sweet,
let me tell you and interesting thing about this place, they have been running this business
since 1845, that’s an amazing fact in itself isn’t it? This is known as Nutty Buddy, it is the mixture
of all the dry fruits, as you can see different layers of Almond, Pistachios and other mix
of dry fruits. Second sweet is known as Butterscotch Crunch,
it is like a sandwich sweet, this is known as walnut cube, it is their special and as
you can see all the sweets looks very different and unique. This Dish is known as Mohan Thal, it is their
specialty and it is one of the most traditional Dish of Gujarat, it is basically made from
the Gram Flour, Ghee and lots of Sugar, you can see some Almonds on top of it. Now let me try and tell you the taste. OK so 1st of all I am going to start with
their Authentic and traditional sweet of Gujarat, known as Mohanthal, this looks very soft and
I can see lots of Clarified Butter in it. Wow I just love it, I mean this is absolutely
perfect because I know it very well and I have tasted it at many places So I can say
that, Mohan Thal is absolutely perfect and I love one thing about Mohanthal very much
is that, You can get a really very good taste of burnt Gram Flour. They roast Mohanthal for very long time in
Ghee. So it gives totally different fragrant and
a very unique taste, which makes this Gujarati Delicacy very interesting, Now I am going
to try Nutt Buddy, it is a square of all the dry fruits, “And what else, Is that Figs?” Nutty Buddy is a cube of Dry Fruit cote with
Figs. I’m just surprised by the simplicity of
Nutty Buddy. I love the crunchy Dry Fruits with the Crunch
of Figs Seeds in it. If you don’t want to eat anything Sugary
on this Diwali, then you must try this Nutty Buddy. OK Now I am going to try a Butterscotch Crunch. It’s looks like a Sweet Sandwich Stuffed
with the other stuffing of sweet, Butterscotch Crunch taste very much like a Butterscotch
Pastry or any other pastry, it is little dry and very much gives the basic taste as you
can get in any Sponge of a cake. OK, Now I am going to trey walnut Cube, It
is a dish made with the Chocolate and walnuts, Walnut Cube is dry and Chocolaty and Crunchy
because of the walnuts in it. But if I have to choose one of the best Not
1 I am going to choose Tow best things. I really Love their Traditional Dish Mohanthal
as well as Nutt Buddy Made from the Dry Fruits and Figs. Both were absolutely awesome in taste I really
Like it. As far as the satisfaction is concern I am
100% satisfied with this place and really worth to give a visit to this place, because
they have some Varities of Sweets Dishes. In entire Ahmedabad they have 5 outlets. You can also by their sweets online at www.Kandoisweets.com. Please like, Share and Subscriber to my channel,
It’s really helpful to make such kind of more and more videos for you guys.