my sister girl honey and today I’m gonna be having an Indian food feast so let’s dig in cuz I’m so hungry I’m going to have to cheat a little bit here and look at the menu this is the chicken tikka masala chilli paneer chilli gobi garlic naan and onion cool Chuck and I have masala dosa let’s try the masala dosa first should I just dip it in here hmmm it kind of reminds me of crepe but like the savory crepe and let’s try the chili Gopi I believe this is vegetarian or vegan mmm whose cauliflower mm-hmm there’s a lot of onions and chicken tikka masala I’m gonna be using my hands today hmm hmm you know what I forgot today samosas I thought I ordered everything but when I open the food up there was no so most doesn’t I was like no last time I tried paneer I really liked it so I got the chilli paneer mmm tastes like tofu [Music] so it’s been a while since I did Indian food and know what a lot of people have been telling me a lot of Indian honeybees then I look like this singer named maja car I believe and do you guys think so she’s really pretty and her eyes are very big maybe I’m the small I’ve urgent of the hakka car and this is garlic naan with some chicken tikka masala and the trick down I don’t know what this is are these like a potato hmm tastes like potato tumeric hurry please correct me if I’m wrong and I have this vegetable soup hmm let’s try this onion culture I’ve never tried this before let’s try it on its own hmm lots of onions which I like let’s dunk it in here hmm you know a lot of you guys have been telling me to get pani puri but I try to look it up but they didn’t have it so I couldn’t get it did you guys watch the video with my brother I was so touched because so many of you guys wrote the nicest comments I was I reading the comments and I was like tearing I was like oh my handy B’s are the best I love you guys so I read some comments and some of you guys are saying it feels like he’s staring into my soul I also bought this comment let me read it to you guys are you eating all the food in the house because he’s super skinny you know he’s lost a lot of weight recently because okay so the thing is when I’m home I make food for him and I prepare food for him right but sometimes you know I’m busy and I’m in the office but my brother he gets lazy so I think that’s why he’s gotten a bit skinny because I’ve been super busy I know some people were saying Kenya do you eat all the food and you know share with your brother I do I do share my food you guys do you guys remember when I told you when I film Alphonse I wear a really stretchy comfortable clothes so I told my brother hey what are you gonna wear for the video you should wear something comfortable so I thought he was gonna wear his like Dodgers sweater and like stretchy pants but yeah she wanted to dress up for you guys when he was dressed up up here and his pants too and those are all so cute know what I can’t wait to go and try authentic Indian food in India I’ve heard so many great things was so delicious hmm one of my Korean honeybees commented and was I as your brother from busan region because he really doesn’t have expressions on his face and he doesn’t express his feelings a lot because if you didn’t know there’s a stereotype that a lot of busan men are very cold-hearted and they’re not expressive at all and she was saying like he was the perfect example of a Busan man and yes we are from Busan I laughed so hard when I read though this chilly paneer kinda tastes like Mapo tofu interesting gum it’s gonna be my last bar [Music] before I go I actually bought some dessert it’s called vile gulab jamun this hmmm Cinnabon melted cinnabuns hmm it’s really good very sweet thank you guys so much for being the best subscribers best honeybees ever and thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please go to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and to become a handy bee and like this video if you guys liked it and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye [Music]