come on easy success girl honey and today I am eating Indian food so let’s get started here have undercut of dosa and here I have vegetable biryani and here have paneer butter masala so let’s dig in because I’m so hungry oh but in one long dosa let’s eat this samosa let’s open it up whoo this very sticky I like you dip it in here mmm there’s a lot of chili pepper in here love it it’s just good by itself – the last time I tried the samosa it was more crispy but this one’s more like sticky and a little bit chewy which I think it’s really good it’s delicious who remembers when I tried to drink the right tough number I was like what is all right now I know they see you guys so thank you for telling me how to eat my Indian food but you guys have to tell me what this is I think it’s soup it tastes like Snoop let’s try the masala the butter masala [Music] so delicious buttery deliciousness I know you’re supposed to eat with their hand Indian sir itself whatever I could eat with my hand I’ll eat with my hands don’t worry I did clean my hands before I really like the samosa though I don’t know about you guys but I love finger foods is so good so yeah man [Music] so I have a question to ask you guys when you guys look at me or when you first saw my videos what ethnicity did you think I was tell me in the comments I want to know the reason why I ask is because on my trip to Japan as I was getting off the plane like I wrote on a Korean Air or Asiana I forget but you don’t want and as I was getting off the flight attendants right they look at me they’re like any also what they met and I was like yes then to the person behind me and just they were Korean they’re like I know y’all so I was like wait what do they think I’m Japanese what I’m Korean recently I’ve been getting more of me looking like Japanese but I’ve heard like people say I like Vietnamese especially a lot I don’t know if it’s because of my eyebrows or because of the way I do my makeup but a lot of people have told me I was being nice and I’ve also heard Chinese and Japanese so what did you guys think I was when you first saw my video no I don’t gotta fund it but and then it’s funny though let me tell you another thing that happened so the incheon airport which is the airport in Korea I went into a store you know just to look around and I had a Starbucks in my hand and so I was looking around and this person behind me was like Altos one day I told missing motor car to a mountain they all so that means I’m so sorry but you can’t have drinks or food in here and then she looked at me and she’s like and she’s like she was about to speak to me in a different language but she didn’t know what language to speak to me to either Japanese Chinese or what like in front of my face she was like I was like the funniest thing ever her reaction doll but did you guys notice a lot of engines that were either born in Asia and grew up in Asia and the Asians that were born in America or in a different country and were raised there we look different Milas the different like not just because of the style of makeup that we do but overall I think they look different so sometimes I do wonder like what I have looked any different if I lived in Korea all my life like what I have looked more you know typical Korean girl for what I still look like this you anybody’s favorite Indian food is Brioni and masala so flavorful spicy just delicious goodness look at it’s also good in the masala so talking about the way we look I also wanted to up you know how when guys say like oh I prefer girls with no makeup you guys believe that or any of you honey bees that are guys right now that are watching this is this true is this statement true that you prefer girls with no makeup on fighting that statement only refers to guys who are talking about their girlfriends but let’s say you are out you know trying to meet new people I think they prefer girls it’s a good amount of makeup on I wish someone would do an experiment where one night they go out with like little to no makeup on and then the next night they go with like full makeup and see like which men prefer wouldn’t that be really interesting but you guys if anyone knows what this is in here then please tell me because this is so good and has the texture of a chicken once you bite into it I think it’s tofu it tastes like chicken and I feel like chicken in my mouth I cannot wait to read all your comments about this topic because wow it’s interesting to know what other people think I love Brianna solo I did not know vegetarian could taste this good whoo I cannot wait to try the realty in India I don’t know when that’s gonna be but last bite then you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please go to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and to become a honeybee and like this video if you guys liked it and I’ll see you guys in my next video [Music]