bow friends today you will watch how Chow mein could be made at home many times you have been tasted it by purchased from restaurants or shops now make at your home and feel how does it taste then come and watch How simply veg chow mein can be made come well I have used half amount from a big packet of chow mein I am speaking about which are In addition with it Soybean sauce vinegar salt oil refining Cowpea carrot green chili capsicum In addition you can use your choice of vegetables Now let’s see how it’s being made at first boil water in a pot with a teaspoon of oil after boiling water stop the oven after that leave all chow meins to the hot water slowly chow meins properly wet at hot water so that not to be inflexible Stir the chow meins and keep consciousness that water is boiling or not and when water is boiling you have to keep conscious that chow meins are melting or not because if the chow meins get too much soften then chow mein not be good at quality and also difficult to make And yes the time has come to take down chow mein All chow mein being put down in the basket So that water will exuded after that all chow mein spread with hand for an hour to dry on air chow mein has boiled very well Now peel the carrots Carrots have been ready Cowpeas being chopped now carrots being chopped also capsicum being chopped chili chopped chopped vegetables ready for cooking Vinegar salt refine oil soy sauce Everything ready for cooking So let’s start At first let give refine oil on hot pot well heat the oil now part 1 of 3 percent of vegetables is being fried very small amount of salt Is given You will give according to your taste chow mein also being given part 1 of 3 percent Stir well all chow meins and Fry it give half a tablespoon of vinegar give also half a tablespoon soy sauce now Stir all with well mixing Being given chopped chili Give chopped chili as per your taste yes chow mein just completed now taking down o yes then why delay serve hot to all this delicious food with preferred sauce If there is nothing new to say about this food still I say If you like share to all and must subscribe my channel then ending now Thanks to all All will be well