Good morning everyone, it’s JB from Will Fly for Food. I’m in India right now. I’ve been wanting to go to this country ever since I had my first taste of butter chicken and naan bread over 20 years ago. Now I’m finally here and I’m super excited. I’ll be visiting 3 cities in India with A Chef’s Tour. I’ll be eating my way through Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. Indian food has been one of my favorite cuisines for as long as I can remember so I’m looking forward to eating as much Indian food as I can. So if you love to traveleat like we do, then I’d love to have you join me on this journey. Let’s go eat some Indian food! My journey through India would begin in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River, it’s home to Mother Teresa’s tomb, ambassador taxis, and Bengali cuisine. Here Avik of A Chef’s Tour would take me on a 4-hour gastronomic tour of his city. We’d visit heritage stall after heritage stall, some of which have been open for well
over a century, sampling the best examples of Bengali cuisine and street food this city had to offer. After getting my first taste of puchkas in Kolkata, I flew to my next stop, Mumbai, the financial capital of India. A city of contrasts, here you’ll find stately gothic buildings and a rich Art Deco heritage, just a short distance away from the world’s most densely populated slums. Mumbai is home to unique attractions like Dhobi Ghat, the world’s biggest open-air laundry, and the mesmerizingly efficient dabbawals at Churchgate station. Shailesh, the man in Mumbai, spent a good 4 hours showing some of his city’s most interesting neighborhoods, and treating me to his absolute best secret streets. After getting my fill of pav bhaji and paan in Mumbai, I proceeded to my third and final stop, Delhi. The nation’s capital blew me away with its vast collection of temples and historical sights. But as much as I enjoyed the sightseeing in Delhi, my favorite part was the food. As I described at the start of this video, I love butter chicken, which is a dish of North Indian origin. I ate it every single day I was here. Yes, every single day. Between plates of butter chicken, I met up with Gajendra for a fascinating tour of Old Delhi. He navigated its maze of alleyways like a pro, and led me to its best heritage street food stalls. I got to try things like kachori, kulfi, and the most incredible paneer curry with butter tandoori naan. One of my favorite parts of the tour was sipping chai tea on the rooftop of the spice house. It was nice to have a quiet moment to pause, sip tea, and let all that delicious Indian food digest in my belly. Now that my gastronomic journey was coming to an end, it was with a sad heart and a full stomach that I prepared myself to leave, already dreaming about my next trip to India. Thank you for joining me on this incredible food tour in India. I’ll be making more videos, one per food tour I showed you today. So if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss an episode. We really appreciate the support. If you’ve never heard of them, A Chef’s Tour is a tour provider that gives these really interesting food focused tours in Thailand in India, and they’ll be expanding to other cities in the world as well. If you like to traveleat like we do, then I definitely encourage you to check them out. You can check the link in the description below to check out their awesome food tours. Thanks again guys for watching and happy traveleating! That building behind me? That magnificent building? That’s the Taj Mahal!