Hi, today Niagara’s finest peaches are gonna get slushed with The Ice House (Winery) Vidal Slushies. Step One: spray the pan.
Step Two: Throw one cup of flour on to six to eight cups of peaches Add about a quarter to half a cup of (Northern Ice) Vidal Icewine (from The Ice House Winery). No sugar because the (Northern Ice) Vidal Icewine (from The Ice House Winery) is what makes it taste delicious. Pour the peaches into a pan. Next, I’m going to blend two cups of oats, with half a cup of pumpkin seeds that are salted, and have a cup of cranberries. A quarter teaspoon of salt, a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg and one teaspoon of cinnamon. Next I’m going to blend a quarter cup of melted butter Once the oats, and the cranberries and the pumpkin seeds and the cinnomon and nutmeg are blended I’ll just gently pat it on top of my peaches And I’ll bake this in the oven at 350 (degrees fahrenheit) for about 25 minutes Don’t over bake it because then
the peaches will get a little bit too soft Enjoy! (From The Ice House Winery, Niagara’s Icewine Specialists!) Our peach cobbler is ready, remember the two tips;
Always start with Niagara peaches (and don’t peel them) And use The Ice House (Winery’s) Vidal Icewine, or The Ice House (Winery’s) (Vidal) Slushies instead of sugar! Enjoy!