hi I’m Sheila Viers and today I’m going
to be talking about for simple tips on how to stop eating junk food is eating
junk food that one big thing that tends to derail your health and fitness goals
whether you’re eating too much processed food sugar or fast food today I’m going
to give you four simple tips so that you can break the habit and start making
sustainable progress towards your health and fitness goals you may be surprised but my approach
actually doesn’t have a lot to do with how to avoid junk food energy flows
where attention goes so rather than giving you four tips on how to avoid
junk food i’m actually going to give you four tips on how to create a sustainable
lifestyle that essentially crowds the junk food out ok so number one stop beating yourself
up over eating junk food guilt shame and feeling bad about what you’re eating does not help you in fact those negative
emotions actually have a negative impact on your body’s ability to metabolize
food properly that’s a whole nother topic for another day or if you’re
interested you can go onto my products page on my website and check out my
immersion program but my point is let go of the negative emotions and focus on
the solution my model is act analyze adjust and then move on number to create
or choose a realistic plan we all have the best intentions whenever we start a
new plan don’t we think for superhumans so naturally we think that we can go
from zero to a hundred overnight right we’ve all been there you know how it goes you get a new diet
program and to open it up and you’re so excited because you’re like this is it
this is gonna be the thing that will fix me and then you start reading through it
and you realize like you this is not something that I actually want to do you
not set yourself up for failure be realistic shoes or create a plan
that’s not only realistic but also convenient for your lifestyle you may
need a little bit more structure in the beginning and that’s okay for example for many of my clients we
start out by plugging in 1-2 superfood shakes per day one to two snacks and 1-2
meals depending on their activity level the reason why we use this structure is
that when you properly fuel your body throughout the day then you’re much less
likely to have that 2 p.m. crash or to be starving on the way home and
find yourself in that drive-thru line the more you fill your body with the
nutrients minerals fiber and the proper balance of protein carbs and fats then
the more likely your blood sugar levels are going to be stable and you’re going
to be setting yourself up for success number three take a realistic look at
your lifestyle cravings come from both emotional and physical triggers if
you’re plugging in the nutrients consistently throughout the day then
that takes care of the physical aspect because that means that your body is
getting the energy it needs to get you through the day but what about the
emotional stuff the question is are you reaching for
certain foods because they’re comforting most people don’t eat junk food because
it takes good they eat junk food because of the feel-good hormones that that food
releases in their body it’s not about how to stop eating junk food it’s about
recognizing what is triggering you to reach for that food in the first place
and then how can we make positive changes around that behavior again this
is something that I’d I really deep into in my immersion program but to give you
a jumpstart i want to give you some questions for you to then journal about
what is typically happening just before or throughout the day when you find
yourself reaching for junk food what is the emotion that I actually
crave when I reach for junk food how can I incorporate that feeling into
my life on a regular basis so that I no longer need to reach for junk food to
feel that way the answers to these questions will be game changers for you number four find healthy replacement
options I never tell any of my clients that they
have to cut any food completely out of their diet or what i like to call food
lifestyle now if they have found that they don’t feel good when they eat
certain foods and they choose to cut that food out that’s completely fine in fact that’s
awesome that they came to that conclusion on their own but in general
there are no black-and-white good food bad food sorts of rules the truth is that most people actually
do much better by incorporating sugar or treats into their diet and moderation
versus trying to go cold turkey and cut them out completely so what I suggest is
that you incorporate your own personal treats into your diet in moderation or
find healthy replacements for them so for example I used to drink caramel
macchiato and then I switch that too skinny latte and then from there I now drink an
Americano with almond milk and a little bit of stevia so for me that was the
transition to moving it to healthier and healthier versions or maybe for you you
love ice cream so rather than eating a pint of Ben and
Jerry’s maybe you switch to halo top or a frozen yogurt and then you just have
two servings rather than the whole pint the point is you are in control and you
get to choose what feels good for you be realistic with yourself on what feels
like the next logical step and then make adjustments as you go remember you don’t have to go from zero
to a hundred overnight focus on consistency over perfection and one day
you’re gonna look back and realize how much progress who actually have made
that’s when eating junk food is no longer an issue you’re simply living a
healthy lifestyle and enjoying your life so those are my four tips on how to stop
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