Hey guys, it’s Denai Johnson from Hella Well and today I’m sharing with you guys my personal food prepping process to ensure that I eat healthy throughout the entire week I’m telling you if you want to eat healthy organizing and preparing in advance It really is key so that when you are hungry When you get to those moments of time where you’re just starving like that you’ve got healthier food options already prepped and in your fridge Or to take to work with you so that you’re eating that instead of like takeout so typically when it comes to my food Preparation for the week I don’t bother with prepping my breakfasts in advance most days I just have a smoothie, so that’s easy enough. I don’t have to prepare for that if you guys want to see some Breakfast food prep ideas comment below. Let me know I can totally do that for you guys today I’m gonna focus on prepping lunches for the week I’m gonna do my dinner preparation for the week, and I’m also gonna show you guys a couple of different snack Preparation ideas we’re gonna start with our lunches right now So I’ve decided that I want to eat salads for lunch this week and with my salads I always want to make sure that I’m not just eating vegetables But that I’m also getting some healthy fats in there and my protein as well So I’m gonna prep my veggies in just a second But first of all I’ve gone ahead in advance before I started filming and I made a really tasty walnut cheese So I’ve got that as my healthy fat, and then I’ve also made some black bean sweet potato patties So this is gonna be my protein black beans have lots of protein in them and these are gonna go Fantastic in the salads for this week all right up next the most labor-intensive part of the process is just cutting up the vegetables Okay, so we’ve chopped our red peppers our chew cumber or green onion And now I’m going to use my food processor to shred my cabbage and my carrots And there we go we got a big tub of grated carrot first eyelids so much easier than using a grater So we’re gonna do the cabbage now Done those all that fabulous shredded cabbage All right there. We go. We’ve got all of our salad ingredients I personally wouldn’t recommend actually putting together the salads and having them all pre-made sitting in the fridge for a week I just find with vegetables they release a lot of water a lot of liquid over time so if you make like All your salads in advance pre-made in containers for the week They’re just gonna start to get like soggy and mucky Which it’s not enjoyable so typically what I do cut them all up shred them all up have them in their own Individual containers, and then when I actually go to eat my salad I just hauled the stuff out Take a little bit of each and eat it fresh then in there so that’s all you guys really need to know for the lunches For the week you’re gonna want to get some spinach or romaine or whatever kind of salad base you like kale But that’s really all you’re gonna need and I promise you guys having this in the fridge. It’s gonna be so much easier Don’t you think you’d be more inclined to eat this if it was already pre-made in the fridge as opposed to ordering pizza I don’t know. Maybe not pizza is pretty damn good, but you’re cool All right now lunch of prepping our dinners so for lunch as I typically do like to have something fresh and raw like a salad Like I just showed you guys and then for dinners I personally like to have something warm and cooked so I’ve gone ahead Ahead of time and made this homemade vegan shepherd’s pie which is such a delicious comfort meal But for dinners, you know things like stews or soups Chili’s any kind of lentil based dishes curries Spaghetti sauces you know things like this are fantastic because they’re gonna keep in your fridge for up to a week And it’s so easy to just cook them Porche them out They’re in the fridge ready to go so as you guys can see I personally use glass containers for my food I as much as I can try and stay away from plastics There’s a lot of talk about the plastics in our food disrupting our hormones Especially when we heat those plastics so especially if you’re gonna take it to work and microwave something in it you really don’t want to use plastic so I Still do have some plastic containers like I’m not that hardcore about it, but I’m slowly transitioning as much as possible into using just glass There we go you guys six portions I’ve got my dinner’s ready to rock for the week by the way if you guys want to see videos on anything that I’ve made today the shepherd’s pie or the walnut cheese or the black beans sweet potato patties just Comment below, and I can definitely do videos on how to make those things last But not least it’s gonna show you guys a couple of different snack ideas that you can prep for the week So I’m going to show you two different ideas today the first one we’re gonna do is Veggies and hummus so I went ahead of time and I made my own homemade hummus So I’m just gonna prep these now I’m gonna cut my carrots and celery of course you can use any kind of vegetables that you would like and yeah I’m just gonna chop that up Laughs is easy enough. We’ve got our chopped veggies our hummus I’m telling you guys easy delicious snack another super easy snack idea that I really love this is my personal favorite is to just have an apple and some almond butter or peanut butter so you could just throw this if you’re going to work or to school throw an apple in your Bag I usually don’t like to cut my Apple in advance because it Oxidizes and starts to brown so usually when I get to work I’ll cut it up then, but yeah, just throw an apple in your bag And then a tablespoon of the other peanut butter or almond butter you get a good big sized spoonful done all right So there you go guys We’ve got our meals prepped for the entire week some healthy delicious lunches snacks dinners I promise you guys if you have this stuff ready and prepped in your fridge You’re gonna be so much more likely to eat this as opposed to hitting up the drive-thru on the way home So I really hope you guys like this video. I really hope that it’s helpful I’m here to help you guys as much as possible, so let me know if you like videos like this I’ve got tons of different food prep video ideas cuz I do this every week, so let me know Let me know if you want to see any of these recipes Demonstrated I can do that as well As always comment below if you liked it give it a thumbs up and please subscribe Of course the more subscribers a channel has the more YouTube is inclined to push and share those videos And I really want to help as many people as possible out there with this so please subscribe Thank you guys so much. I hope you have a fantastic week, and we’ll see you next time