This Thai red curry chicken dinner will
be ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. I’m Tess and I’m going to show you how
to make this Thai red curry chicken recipe that is easy, creamy, spicy and
delicious, Stay tuned! There are not many ingredients in this
Thai red curry chicken but all the flavors just blend so well together. Some
of the ingredients you may not have and you can find them at your local Asian
market or I will leave a link below where you can purchase online. And just a
reminder that you’ll be able to find this recipe, the list of ingredients and
much more in the show more section below. Please check it out.
In a pan on medium heat I’m adding in a little oil and the red curry paste. This
is the brand that I am using. Stirring and cooking for a minute. I love that
smell and this adds the spice! Next, I’m adding in some minced garlic and lots of
it. Stirring and cooking for another minute. This is fish sauce and this is the brand
that I use. I always look for the three crabs. This will add saltiness to this red curry dish and, to follow up on the
palette, I’m adding some sugar for sweetness. This is a great balance of
flavors. Now I’m slowly adding in a can of
coconut milk and you can use any brand of coconut milk. This is the rich
creaminess in this Thai red curry chicken dish. Also adding in a little
chicken broth and you can use water. Stirring well to combine. I’m turning my heat up to a medium-high
to bring up to a simmer. These are kaffir lime leaves. You can
find them in the freezer section at your Asian market. I’m using two and tearing
them in half. If you can’t find kaffir lime leaves you can put in some fresh
lime juice or just leave out. Now the vegetables. I’m adding in some diced
onions, bell peppers and some bamboo shoots that are rinsed and drained. You
can use canned bamboo shoots… any cut or fresh that you can get at
your market. Stirring and bringing up to a simmer. In goes the chicken pieces and
I’m using one large chicken breast that I sliced but you can also use boneless
chicken thighs. Stirring, bringing up to a simmer, covering and cooking for ten
minutes. we are almost done I’m turning off the
heat fishing out the kaffir lime leaves… and throwing in a handful of Thai basil.
You can use regular fresh basil. This adds a wonderful brightness and a pop of
flavor to this Thai red curry chicken. Stirring to combine and it is ready! This
Thai red curry chicken is so easy to make and so tasty.
I love the richness, creaminess, spiciness from the red curry and the pop of basil!
It is so good! I’m serving with some jasmine rice but you can also serve with
some rice noodles. I hope you give this Thai red curry chicken a try and enjoy.
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