Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen. I have had so many requests for this over the last few months I just couldn’t resist any
longer it is very simple to make and i know you will love it. So join me today as i make my version of
marshmallow fluff. To start of with into a mixing bowl we are going to place in and and a half egg whites. Now the ingredients are listed in the description add to that one Cup of corn syrup What i have done is heat it up in the microwave for thirty seconds It just makes it allot easier to pour then to that add in a pinch of salt. Now using a hand mixer or a stand mixer we are going to beat this up for about five minutes until it comes up nice and fluffy and doubles in volume As you can see it is now nice and white and fluffy and double in size So to that add in one cup of
confectioners sugar or icing sugar Pre sifted of course. Then mix it in until its well combined. So once thats mixed through add in one tablespoon of vanilla
extract and that’s it. You can use it straight away if you like other wise pour it into a sealed container and it will last in the fridge for up
to two weeks So there we have it very simple, very easy marshmallow fluff. But lets see what its like. mmm oh thats spot on. That tastes exactly like marshmallows only difference is its in a liquid form instead of a solid. So it was super easy to make and very cheap but the main thing about this marshmallow fluff is it tastes simply delicious So for those recipes you want to use marshmallow fluff in or if you want to have some by its self this is the perfect recipe. Thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen. A list of ingredients are down below as well as links to my Facebook, Twitter and home handy hints channel. Please do me a huge favour by giving this video a thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe and i’ll see you next time for another delicious recipe. up