– Hey guys, welcome back. Today I’m gonna show you
how to make burritos, that are juicy, healthy
and better than Chipotle. And I’m gonna show you two options. You can make them in your Instant Pot, with dried beans, no soaking, or, you can make them on the stove, if you haven’t jumped on the
Instant Pot bandwagon yet. But you should, very soon. You can freeze burritos for later, they are perfect for lunches. We always give it to our
kids in their lunchbox, and that way they eat less deli meat. Or you can have them for
quick and easy dinner. The only thing you have to remember is to thaw them in advance, because (thuds on table) nobody wants to eat frozen burrito. Let’s do it. In six or eight-quart Instant Pot or any electric pressure cooker, add rinsed brown rice, dried black beans, no soaking required, chicken breasts and spices. Add stock or water, I like to use organic bouillon
cube instead of stock. But water works. Swish the chicken breasts
around and no need to stir. Cover the Instant Pot and cook for 20 minutes on high pressure. And we will be doing degrees. If you don’t have Instant Pot, you can cook the burrito
filling on the stove. Just add rinsed rice,
chicken, spices and water and bring to a boil. Please note, we are not
going to put black beans, we’re going to use canned beans. (upbeat music) I like to cook filling on the stove for about 35 to 45 minutes,
just like you cook brown rice. While chicken and rice are cooking, chop green onion and
cilantro for the filling. Fresh herbs add a ton of
flavor without any calories. (knife chops) And I am professional
cilantro-chopper, too. (upbeat music) And I don’t know which part of me thought that it’s gonna fit in here. (laughs) Now, on to my secret
ingredient, green cabbage. If you would like to meal-prep and freeze burritos for later, green cabbage is perfect filling because it doesn’t make burritos soggy. But if you are making burritos for dinner, you can add tomatoes and lettuce. Now cheese. In a perfect world, I
would use organic cheese. But this time, all I had was Kerrygold, and that’s grass-fed cheese from Ireland, which is good, it shreds well, and I also like to use smoked cheese. It adds amazing flavor to burritos. (upbeat music) Now, open your Instant Pot
or regular pot on the stove, and shred chicken. If beans appear a little bit dry, I’m talking about Instant Pot, don’t worry, once you stir the fillings, they will soak up the liquid. (upbeat music) As for the stovetop version, just like with Instant Pot, shred chicken, and stir with rice, but we will add canned beans right now. Now time for other fillings. Add salsa, and it’s up to you whether you use mild or very spicy. Frozen corn, and no need to thaw, it will get defrosted by hot ingredients. Now add cilantro, and green onion. And that’s when you stir the
filling, just keep stirring. And it will all come together. That’s beautiful. (upbeat music) Now it’s time to wrap your burritos. Aluminum foil works the
best, if you ask me. Tear about 15 to 20 sheets, because you never know how many
burritos you are gonna wrap it depends on how much filling you put in. Place tortilla on top of aluminum sheet, and then, on this side, closest to you, place over half a cup of filling, and a small handful of cabbage,
and a sprinkle of cheese. Start by wrapping the
side closest to you first, and then fold the sides,
I mean left and right. And then, slowly, roll tightly. Don’t rush, and it might take you about two or three burritos to get a hang of it. The key is to wrap tightly. You can do it. So then, after you wrap burrito, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil, just like roll and fold the sides. And again, it’s the
key to roll it tightly. And create a beautiful pile of burritos. To freeze burritos, place them in a large, gallon-size Ziploc bag. Let as much air out as possible. And afterwards, freeze them. (upbeat music) So to heat burritos, you
have to thaw them first, and then place thawed
burritos in the oven. The truth is, burritos take
a while to heat through so I either like to broil them for about 10 to 15
minutes on the top shelf, or, you can bake them at about 450 degrees for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you like gooey, melty cheese inside, cut burritos in half and then bake them for a few more minutes. (frustrated exclamation) Alright. I’m gonna hold it, and I’m gonna talk. Alright, so here we are, 21 burritos. I have to hold because they are sliding. (yells loudly) Okay, anyways, you saw that, 21. Last time I made it was 17, and it depends how much
filling you add to each burrito so it’s not a exact science,
so do what works for you. And I did have some leftover
cabbage, which is a little bit, and again, you can use two, three cups, (clinking dishes) you can chop up more,
I had some cheese left. Anyways, you add the fillings and if you are missing some you add more. And now, we should try some. So how do you eat burrito? This is how I eat burrito, we warmed it up in the oven, and the trick is if you
want more melted cheese you cut it first and then
you put it in the oven. And I like to dip it in salsa. And foil helps to hold burrito together. And let’s dip into my little salsa. Mmmm, yummy. They’re good, mmm-hmm. Very good. Smoked cheese… Is super amazing in the burrito. Mmm, so good. So that was it and I hope
you meal-prep some burritos and if you like this video,
click the thumbs up below, and see you next time, bye. (upbeat music)