#TacoTuesday. Es una fiesta grande en mi casa, amigos. Today, we’re going to make my ground beef
tacos with a homemade taco seasoning mix and a creamy, crunchy and tangy slaw whether its
Tuesday or any day of the week, this is the bomb.com. I have a cast iron pan preheating over medium
heat. We’re going to hit it up with a tablespoon
or so of olive oil and hit it with one onion and a few cloves of garlic that are chopped. Let’s give it a nice teaspoon of Kosher salt
and a couple cracks of fresh pepper. Why do onions and garlic make the house smell
so good? I’m getting really close to bottling this
fragrance as a cologne for men. It’s going to be available for foodies all
across the world. I’m going to be a billionaire, I’m telling
you. Let that cook for a few minutes. In the meantime, let’s break down a poblano
pepper. I call the poblano a great starter chili because
it’s not too spicy. A fun chili fact for the day. When the poblano is dried, it’s called a ancho
chili. Let’s get this in the pan and cook it for
about 5-7 minutes until the onions are soft and translucent. In the meantime, we can make our homemade
taco seasoning mix. You didn’t think we were going to the grocery
store and picking up those things on the aisle shelves, did you? No. We’re making our own because it’s way better,
it’s way easier and it’s way tastier. Let’s start with one tablespoon of smoked
paprika, one tablespoon of ancho chili powder and a tablespoon of regular chili powder,
one tablespoon of ground cumin, a teaspoon of ground coriander, one teaspoon of dried
thyme and a half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. This stuff not only beats the pants out of
those packets at the store, you could make a double batch of this and use it for dry
rubs on chicken, ribs, or fish. Make it now and thank Bobby later. Now it’s time to get beefy. I have one pound of ground beef and it’s going
in the pan. Break it up with your spoon the best you can
and since we want to build tacos that have ultimate sabor, we have to season the ground
beef because that’s bland, right? I’m going in with a nice big pinch I’d say
about half a teaspoon of Kosher salt. Crank up the heat to medium high and let it
go until the beef is cooked about half way. It’s now time to crank up the flavor just
to number diez. I’m going to put about three tablespoons of
our taco mix in here. The great thing about adding it now is that
the fat is really going to soak up all the flavor of those spices and the heat is really
going to help them bloom. When we cook the spices, that brings out the
essential oils and there is a fiesta of sabor in this pan right now. You want to join this party. It is legit. My favorite part, we have to check it for
seasoning. Amigos, que sabor. Los chiles esta muy poquito caliente y los
condimentos esta perfecto. Pero yo quiero mas sal. Not bad, huh? That’s about all I know. When it comes to food, I can talk as much
spanish as possible. After that, I’m lost. Now I’m going to go in with about half a cup
of low sodium beef stock. This is just going to help everything really
come together and create almost like a sauce. I’d say five more minutes and this is going
to be perfecto. In the meantime, let’s make my creamy, tangy
and crunchy slaw. I start with red cabbage and Napa cabbage
that’s finely sliced, toss in some green onions and shredded carrots for sweetness and some
pepitas for crunch. Then, a mayo based dressing that does have
a little bit of soy sauce and sesame oil. Before we dress this slaw, I’m going to hit
it with a pinch of salt and a couple cracks of pepper. If there is nothing I’ve learned from watching
years of Food Network is that you have to season it every step of the cooking process
and that way the final product is going to be money. I know the soy sauce and sesame oil might
be asian ingredients but they have so much rich, earthy umami flavor, I tried it one
time and I’ve never gone back. You’ve got to trust me on this one. Add enough dressing to coat. You can always add more later so don’t overdo
it in the beginning. Hmm. Crunchtastic. Or muy crujiente. The sauce is reduced. We just have a little bit in the bottom like
that. I think it’s time to kill the heat and build
some killer tacos y’all. You’re not doing it right unless you heat
up your tortillas. I’m going to do it the old school way, the
way my abuela taught me. Put them directly on the burner and leave
it about 10 seconds until they start getting charred on the bottom, flip them and they’re
done. I’m going to put some slaw in the bottom here
first. I don’t want the juice in the ground beef
to sog the bottom of the tortilla. That would be muy malo. This is going to help with that layer of insurance. Obviously, when it comes to topping, the sky
is the limit. Guacamole, melted cheese, I’m just keeping
it easy today, diced tomatoes here and a couple pickled jalapenos. I love that acidic pickled jalapeno flavor,
kind of cuts through the richness of the meat a little bit. Salud. The sabor is off the charts. I love that crunch from the slaw and a little
bit of that acid from the pickled jalapenos is so good. This ground beef will make you run to the
border of your kitchen and make this recipe which is below in the description box. Make sure you check it out. Let me know how it is and make sure you subscribe
to my channel because every week, we are rocking out recipes just like this. If you want to see some more they are below
me. Until next week, I leave you like I always
do. #TacoTuesday #keeponcooking