Hi, Namaste friends today we are gonna cook CHICKEN PAKORA This is a very tasty recipe Hmm …. it’s a very easyest recipe you can cook this with ease By Watching this video ingredients for this rcipe are Chicken Coriander Powder Red chili powder Turmeric all-purpose flour OR Maida Ginger Garlic Paste Salt Corn Flour Two Eggs And one Lime What We Do First Is First Ginger Garlic Paste One Table Spoon For One And Half KG Chicken You Can Add More One Spoon Of Ginger Garlic Paste After This Salt This Is Also One Spoon We have To Mix These Well Now Add Turmeric Powder to it. This Is Also One Spoon…… And Chili Powder One And Half TableSpoons Coriander Powder One Or Two Tablespoons Maida Or All purpose Flour Add Two Eggs To It Fianlly We Are Adding Lime Juice Lime Juice We Only Need One Lime This Is one and half Chicken I am Telling All These Ingredients as Per Chicken Put This Mixed Chicken A side For One Hour MARINATION NOW IT BECAME ONE HOUR AND WE COOK THIS MARINATED NOW WE WILL DEEP FRY THIS This Is One Hour Marinated Chicken Let’s Fry This We Will Add Oil To It Now Oil Is Hot Will put OUR chicken to the pan we must do like this So Friends Yours Delicious Chicken Is Ready Now Now I will Eat And Tell You how it tastes It’s Very Hot umm… yummy.. Guys This Is Yummy.. It’s Really Beautiful This Is a Simple Recipe .. you can make this in half an hour cooked VERY well Ha Ha Ha… will eat this also this IS a beautiful piece Please SUBSCRIBE our channel THE FOOD RANGERS INDIA meantime i will eat this chicken