Welcome to How to Cook That .net. I’m Ann
Reardon. For a printable copy of any of the recipes with quantities, simply go to the
website, the link’s in the description below the video. Today we’re looking at how to make cream cheese
frosting for carrot cupcakes or for red velvet cake. First of all take your cream cheese,
leave it at room temperature to soften and then slice it into cubes, and put it in the
bowl of an electric mixer. Then take your butter, which also has been softened at room
temperature, and add that in as well. Then simply turn that on to a medium speed and
leave it for a few minutes until it is gone to a nice pale, smooth, creamy mixture. Then
you’re going to add in two cups of icing sugar. Traditional cream cheese frosting recipes
have 3 cups of icing sugar, and then that’s it. I don’t like them quite so sweet, so I
add 2 cups of icing sugar, and then add in some mascapone cheese. Fold that in lightly,
then place it in a piping bag, and pipe it on to your cupcakes. I then like to top the
carrot cakes with a sort of carrot toffee that goes on top, which is nice, sweet little
finish to the cupcake. I’ll show you how to make those. Add some
sugar and some water into a saucepan. Again the quantities are on the website, just click
the link below the video. Once that is completely mixed in and the sugar has dissolved, pour
in your grated carrot that’s been coursely grated, give it a stir, it will start to steam,
so watch your hand, from the hot sugar mixture hiting the carrot, and all the water in the
carrot is evaporating. Now take a pastry brush, and wash down the sides of the pan, and without
stiring, just let it bubble away, until it starts to caramelise. To check it, just put
a small piece on some baking paper and allow it to cool. While you’re checking it, take
it off the heat. And then you’ll know it’s ready when it makes like a toffee like that,
a slicky toffee. So when it’s ready take the whole pan off, and pour the whole amount onto
the baking paper. And using two forks, spread it out into, sort of bite size chunks that
you can put on top of your cupcakes. The size doesn’t particularly matter. And then once
they’re completely cold, pop them on top of your cupcakes. And then you have a delicious
little treat on top of your carrot cupcakes. The recipe for the cream cheese frosting and
for all butter cream, ganache, and fondant and lots of different frostings, is now available
in one neat little book that you can download in PDF form. There’s a link to that in the
description under the video. And thank you to everyone who’ve subscribed and clicked
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