Hi FoodTubey I am Poo, pad thai from Thailand The pad thai, number one stir fry noodle in Thailand Sometime you can do chicken We have noodle Before dry one you can soak with warm water, allow ten minutes, easy when you cook Crushed peanut you have that Now we cut tofu Tofu you can cut Red onion Easy when you have the prawn, I show for you Here you can squeeze in the head and squeeze here Your prawn head really good for the noodle have colour Here, you pull out Place onion in Stir fry red onion to smell You have a look the prawn head have beautiful colour The prawn not cooked too long time The rice noodle cook allow 1 to 2 minute Then 2 spoon fish sauce Sugar Thai people in Bangkok love sweet and then you don’t like sweet too much you can add a little bit Sweet radish in, allow one tablespoon And then I use water for cooking And you cook noodle How you know the noodle are ready, you can use long handle Check the noodle, the noodles sticky? Not yet cook allow few minutes And then the egg in The egg you can cook outside in the fry pan Someone not understand put in the egg, mix together, now sticky not beautiful Looking for the egg right, mix everything now Spring onion And then beansprout Someone not like cook a little bit, someone loves the beansprout cook this long time And serve And then you can add Sugar And Chilli powder, be careful not add a lot, a little bit squeeze lime And mix everything Really yummy