Today I’m making a treat for the servants
– my recipe for steamed chocolate pudding. For this recipe you will need: Some chocolate. Breadcrumbs. Milk. Butter. Caster sugar. And eggs. Always buy the best chocolate you can afford,
then you’re guaranteed quality. First, melt the butter and chocolate together
and then add the breadcrumbs and then the milk. Stir it over the heat until it is quite thick. Next, separate the eggs and cook up the yolks
with the sugar. Now that my eggs and sugar have cooked together
nicely, it’s time to add them to the chocolate mix. Finally whisk the egg whites and then add
it to your mix and give it a slight turn. To steam your pudding, line your pudding basin
and then pour your mix in. Then cover with brown paper and then secure
your cloth over the top. Then you can easily make a handle for lifting. Place it into a pan with water about half
way up, cover it with a lid and then steam for about an hour or just under. Mmm, smells delicious. Lord Braybrooke quite likes this pudding too.
Naturally for him I make it look a lot more delicate. But for the servants this is just
fine. You can serve it hot with cream, although
it’s very nice sliced and cold. My chocolate pudding.