These Chinese crispy spring rolls are called
‘chūnjuǎn’ and also often ‘Popiah’. They are easy to prepare. You can put the
vegetables and meat of your choice. You can take cabbage, green peas, spinach, leeks and
celery. For meat, you can use chicken, shrimp, pork or fish. I advise you to cook the filling before wrapping it, because the egg rolls wrappers become golden quickly when frying. Here are the ingredients for 16 rolls You can find this list and other recipes on y website: I soak the shiitake mushrooms in boiling water for 1 hour I also dip the glass noodles in cold water
for 1 hour To marinate the ground pork, I put in a mixing
bowl: 200g of ground pork
½ tsp of salt 1 tsp of cornstarch
Some ground pepper 1 tsp of shaoxing rice alcohol
1 tsp of vegetable oil I mix all together and I let it in the refrigerator
while I prepare the other ingredients I peel the shrimp I cut them into 3 pieces I cut the Chinese cabbage into chunks I cut the taro root into strips And the carrot as well And the chive also I press the mushrooms to remove the excess of water I remove their foot and I slice them finely I drain the glass noodles
I cut them into sections of 3 cm All the vegetables are cut I finely mince the onion I crush the garlic cloves I peel them, I chop them I peel the ginger I grate it, I take 1 tsp of grated ginger and put it with the chopped garlic In a frying pan heated over high heat, I put 3 tbsp of vegetable oil When it is hot, I add the garlic and the ginger I stir When they start to become golden, I add the onion, I stir for 1 minute I add the ground pork, I stir for 2 minutes I put all the vegetables Then I add: 1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tbsp of soy sauce 1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of sugar 1 tsp of sesame oil
Some Ground Pepper I stir for 30 seconds. I cut the fire and I let the filling cool down In a small bowl, I mix 1 tsp of cornstarch with 3 tsp of water. This mixture will be used as a glue to close the rolls I separate each wrapper I cut 8 wrappers diagonally to get 16 triangles I keep the wrappers under a cloth to prevent them from drying The filling is cool, so I can start making my rolls On my work board, I lay a wrapper in a diamond shape Then I add a triangle wrapper in the lower part of the diamond This double thickness will make the roller more crispy I place on the wrappers: 2 tbsp of filling
and 3 pieces of shrimp I roll up to enclose the filling Then I fold the two sides towards the center Both sides must be straight and parallel I roll forwards by tightening the roll To close the roll I use a few of the mixture
of cornstarch and water I put my roll in a tray under a cloth For frying, When the oil is hot, I put the rolls I let them fry for about 5 to 6 minutes I flip them over from time to time When they are golden, I remove them and I put
them on paper towels Serve them when they are hot You can accompany them with the Sriracha hot sauce Bon appétit! Thank you for watching and sharing my recipe. Rendez-vous in my next homemade dish video.