hello and welcome to you in the kitchen
with Matt I am your host Matt Taylor today I’m gonna show you how to make
cake pops I had requests to make cake pops so here
we go that is what we’re gonna do they’re really easy to make simple
ingredients if I can do it you can do it let’s get started alright
first what you want to do is you want to bake yourself a cake using whatever
recipe you want cake mixes work really great for this I just did a yellow cake
here and a 13 by 9 pan I’m just gonna take half of it and we’re gonna break it
up into pieces all right let’s go ahead and break up these bigger clumps with
our hands we really want to get this really fine small crumbs and you could
try using like a hand mixer it might throw a bunch of cake all over the place
but it really breaks up the cake really nicely this is an instance where a stand
mixer would work well with like a paddle attachment
another trick that you could do is you could use your knife and just
shave off the brown parts the cook part because those don’t break down as easily and then everything else will come apart but that’s pretty good now what we want to do is we want to add our frosting I’m just using a store-bought frosting you can make your own frosting if you want and we’re gonna add a little bit at a time and just come in here with your hands and mix it together again you can use your stand mixer if you want okay and so you get it to where everything comes together about like this I just use a really big heaping tablespoon amount of being about two two and a half tablespoons of frosting and the consistency you want me when you squeeze it together it kind of stays together really nicely okay there we go it almost looks like a play-doh and then I’m just gonna use a tablespoon and come in here and get some out I kind of want two tablespoons and that’ll make a nice little cake pop so try to get about two
tablespoons worth and just kind of squeeze it in your hand a little bit and then roll it up into a ball and just rolls really nicely this way I miss a
little bit too big I think I’m just gonna shave some up okay just roll it with your palms tell us a ball like that
all right now we have our kick balls all rolled up now a normal cake mix box will make about 24 to 26 cake pops depending on the size that you make them let me go ahead and just set this up here and now I have this product called
candy quick I just got this at Walmart you can find it online as well it just melts really well and there’s a really good consistency you could also use candy melts I use those as well or you can just use normal chocolate chips or what not and I just have them in this little bowl and I’m going to
start by just melting this in the microwave on bursts of 30 seconds and then stir in 30 seconds stir until it’s all nice and melted all right once there you have that little chocolate melted go ahead and take some of our cake sticks now these are just cold treat sticks or cake pop sticks and I found these at
Walmart but you’re Dan you can fly them online just go ahead and dip it in there almost an inch thick just go ahead and poke it right there on your cake pop and if you want the bottom to be smooth just smooth that out with your finger just do that with the other ones and just go in about almost an inch you don’t want to go too far and then we want to see how flat the bottom got because it’s resting on there you can kind of just shape that back if you want and I’m gonna go ahead and just stick this on a thing of styrofoam okay or if you have a cake pop stand you can use that as well you can also when you pick it up you could put the cake pop in the little flat side that was sitting down so you can kind of cover up that little flat spot alright now that we have these done I’m going to go ahead and pop this in the refrigerator to chill them down a little bit for about 10 minutes and then we can dip them all right and then once we take those cake pops out of the fridge we’ll go to go ahead and grab one and now we just want to dip it in our chocolate just tilt the bowl a little bit and you can just spin it if you want depending on how deep your bowl is I mean you could take your spoon and just help it a little bit so it’s even okay and then what we want to do is just kind of tap it a little bit and get that excess off and as I’m tapping I’m just turning a little bit just to try to make this as smooth as possible okay that’s awesome I think that turned out pretty great I’m gonna go ahead and put that back in my styrofoam and then here’s an example where I’m using a deeper glass and I’m using pink and just go ahead and just go straight down and you’re moving around a little bit I’m gonna come up and then again still want to tap it a little bit cuz there’s gonna be a lot of excess it’s gonna want to come off just gentle taps if you tap too hard the cake pop might fall off of the stick so this process could be a little tedious if you’re making a ton of these then you just get like a group of friends over or family members and just have a little cake pop making party oh we go ahead and do that with the first go with whatever flavor of chocolate that you want to do white chocolate milk chocolate different kinds of colors of candy melts and so on alright and now what you can do is you could just take anything like a little plastic bag and put some chocolate in there and make or whatever whatever color you want and make like a little piping bag and drizzle over it all right and then when you’re done just go ahead and those sit for a little bit so the top drizzles can go ahead and firm up and they’ll be ready to go ready to serve all right the cake pops are done turned out fantastic really easy to do if I can do it you can do it I’m Matt Taylor this has been another episode of in the kitchen with Matt thank you for joining me as always if you have any questions comments or requests put them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can thumbs up down the corner push it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel hit that notification bell so you’ll know any time a new video is posted until next time take care time for me to dive into one of these oh yeah I’m going to bite into this one right here