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back to my channel. My name’s Nikole Goncalves, and today we’re talking about
one of my favorite things in the world, and that is avocados. More specifically, avocado toast. Because who doesn’t love avocado toast? You can eat it for any meal of the day. And today I’m gonna be
sharing 10 fun and unique and of course delicious
ways that you can enjoy your avocado toast. I’m really excited because
Silver Hills Bakery is sponsoring and collaborating
with me on today’s video. They make amazing sprouted bread. Matt and I have been eating
and loving their breads for years now. You would’ve seen them
in like grocery hauls, what I eat in a day videos. Sprouted bread is amazing
because it’s easier to digest, it gives you energy, it
fuels you through the day, and I just love it. And I love the variety that they have. They have lots of like
nutty and seedy breads, and they’re just delicious. So I’m gonna be using them as my base for all of the avocado
toasts that I’m sharing in today’s video. So they have lots of different options that you can play around with. Also don’t forget to subscribe. Hit that red Subscribe button down below. I post on this channel every
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Subscribe button down below. It’s free. You get new videos every week. So without further ado,
let’s get into the video, and I’m gonna show you guys 10 ways to make your avocado toast. First up we have The Sweet ‘N’ Savoury. For my base, I’m using Silver Hills
Mack’s Flax Sprouted Bread. I love this one because it has both whole and ground flax in it, so lots of fiber. Once your bread is
toasted, you’re gonna mash about half of a ripe avocado on top. Add some fresh orange slices
that have been peeled. And then this may seem
like a weird combination, but just trust me on it. You’re gonna drizzle
on some balsamic glaze. Now I’m gonna have the full directions on how to just make your
own at home on the blog, so make sure to check that out. It’s really easy, so you don’t have to go
buy extra ingredients. And then for a fun fresh
addition, I’m adding on some freshly sliced basil, which just adds a really fun kick of flavor to this toast. And this whole combination
together is delicious. Next we have The Fresh. For this one, I’m gonna
start off by making a little arugula salad. In a large bowl, place a few
handfuls of some fresh arugula, drizzle olive oil, and a
squeeze of lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt and black pepper. And then just lightly toss
with some clean hands, and then you’re ready to toast your bread, add on your mashed avocado. Then take a nice handful
of that arugula salad, place it over top, and then
I have some sliced apricots, which are in season right
now and are so delicious. You can of course use any fresh fruit, and then I’m sprinkling on
some lightly toasted pine nuts. This combination is just
like the title says, it’s so fresh and flavorful
with that fruity kick. Next up we have The Sushi. So for this one, I have my
very ripe large avocado, and how you know it’s
ripe at the grocery store and a good one to pick out is
take that little button off at the top, and you want it
to be a nice bright green. And that’s how you know it’s
ready to go and take home. And I’m telling you,
there’s nothing better than opening an avocado and just, it’s like the perfect ripeness. I’m gonna take one half and
just slice it thinly lengthwise, and then just taking a large spoon, I’m gonna run it between
the meat of the avocado and the skin, and then you
have perfect avocado slices to top onto your toasted sprouted bread. So lay those down. I’m gonna also add some
thinly sliced cucumber, smoked salmon, you can also swap it out with smoked sliced tofu, toasted seaweed that I
just kind of chopped up with some scissors, peeled
carrot, a drizzle of tamari, a sprinkle of black sesame seeds, and you are ready to go. It’s almost easier than making sushi because there’s no rolling,
but it’s just as pretty. Next up we have one of my favorites, The Street Corn Style. For this one, I’m using
Silver Hills Sprouted Big Red’s Bread, which is
packed with pumpkin seeds, quinoa, and chia seeds. Not to mention, all their breads are made with organic non-GMO whole grains and are naturally sprouted. For this one, I’ve already
mashed up my avocado in a bowl. I’m gonna add in some chopped up jalapeno, chopped up fresh cilantro,
fresh lime juice, a pinch of sea salt, and black pepper, and just mash that all together. It’s kinda like you’re making
a really quick guacamole, but you’re gonna put it on your toast. Toast up your bread and then go ahead and top it with that guacamole. Next up, I have some fresh
corn that I just removed from the cob and just lightly
toasted in some olive oil on a hot pan, just so you get
some like nice charred bits. You can of course use
corn that you barbecued, but we don’t have a barbecue yet. So this was another option. Onto that, I’m adding
some more fresh cilantro, and then I have some crumbled feta cheese. This is an avocado toast
you could totally have for taco Tuesday and
no one would be upset. All right this is a fun one. This is what we’re calling
The Kylie Jenner toast. My sister told me about this combination, and I’m actually in love with it. It’s delicious. So on your toasted bread, you’re gonna add on
your mashed up avocado. Now here comes the fun part. You’re gonna squeeze
some fresh lemon juice, drizzle on some nice good quality honey, and then last but not least,
a sprinkle of sea salt. Now I’m telling you, this
combination is both sweet and salty and honestly, I’m a huge fan. I will definitely be
making this on repeat. Next up we have The Margarita,
which you guessed it is kind of a take on margarita pizza. So we got our toasted sprouted bread, mashed avocado, lots of
sliced up cherry tomatoes, a squeeze of fresh lemon
juice, fresh basil, a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper. And there you have it, a
super fresh avocado toast version of a pizza. Next up we have The Mango Salsa. Toast up your bread, mash on that avocado, and then I’ve gone ahead
and already pre-made a super easy mango salsa. I’ll have the recipe on the
blog, and then I’m just gonna sprinkle it with a little
it of some chili flakes to add some heat. And there you go, it’s super simple. You can of course just buy
store-bought mango salsa, but making it fresh at
home with ripe mango is so delicious and I highly recommend it. Next up we have another favorite of mine, The Everything But The Bagel. So for this one, I’m using
Silver Hills Squirrelly Bread, which is actually one of my favorites and it’s the first one I
ever tried from this brand. It has both sesame and sunflower seeds, and I just love the combination. So once again, you’re
gonna toast your bread, mash on some ripe avocado, and
then for some added protein, we’re gonna do one soft-boiled
egg sliced in half. If you’re looking for
a plant-based option, you could sub this for some chickpeas or even some sliced tofu that
you just kinda pan seared. And then for the main event, the seasoning we’re gonna add on some Everything But The Bagel seasoning. It’s delicious, you can
make your own or buy it, and it just brings this toast to life. I love it. Next up we have The Randy Radish. I’ve got my toasted up
bread, mashed avocado, and yes, I used a lot of
avocado for this video. Then I have some super
thinly sliced radish that I quickly pickled
just by sprinkling it with some sea salt and letting it sit for like about 10 minutes,
added on some sprouts with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Now for a little fun flair on top, I’m using za’atar, which is
one of my favorite new spices from the HealthNut Cookbook. I’m obsessed with it. But I will have a
substitution over on the blog if you can’t find this one. Last but not least, we
have The Mediterranean. Toast up your bread and
instead of mashed avocado, I’m tricking you guys this time, we’re gonna spread on some beet hummus. Now I have a recipe on the
blog on how to make your own, or you could just buy store-bought. A lot of grocery stores
have beet hummus now. This time we’re gonna slice our avocado, and then I have some
pitted Kalamata olives that I just sliced in half. Crumble on some of that feta
cheese that we used earlier. And sprinkle on some
chopped up pistachios, and there you have it, your Mediterranean. So delicious, so colorful, and it hits all the right flavor notes. I love this one. There you have it, 10 fun and unique ways to enjoy your avocado toast. I just think it’s so fun to play around with different toppings and combinations, and sometimes, you never know, like you think of something in your head and you try it out and it actually ends up
being really delicious. And that’s exactly what
happened with today’s video. So a huge thank you to Silver Hills Bakery for sponsoring this video. I would love to know
which one out of the 10 was your favorite. Leave me a comment down below. Also if you’re looking for more yummy sprouted bread recipes, I
will have a link down below in the info box, as
well as all the recipes in today’s video down
there for you as well. Thank you so much for watching. I can’t wait for you guys
to try out these recipes. They’re so good, I don’t even
know which one’s my favorite. Like maybe the beet toast one, or the peach one, or
the apricot one I mean, they’re really, really good. So try them out, let
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