now I’m going to go ahead and I’m going
to make one for the freezer so busy in the kitchen I’m doing a lot
of canning and the videos are gonna be coming up real shortly but I thought I
would share with you today my penny-pinching lasagna you know one of
the most expensive ingredients in lasagna for me it’s ricotta cheese and
it’s ground beef now cheese can be expensive too but I do get it really
cheap at the discount grocery store so I got this whole big bag for $4 if it’s so
expensive well today on the penny-pinching lasagna we’re
substituting ground beef for some of this so what is this
it’s zucchini I’m gonna share with you how I make this it’s a family tradition
of mine my children loved it because they really didn’t taste the zucchini
and I’ll show you how I put together it’s really simple you know in a busy
summer day when you don’t really want to take a lot of time to cook things like
this are really great to put together it also freezes really well the only
thing you have to put in consideration is the zucchini does give more moisture
when you’re cooking it so some of the water will evaporate out of it but I’ll
show you how I do it perfect way to make a meal because I’ve had two different
courts of spaghetti sauce neither these sealed and so I have to use them up and
I have all this zucchini and it’s a lot of zucchini and you run out of ideas
first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take some our coconut spray this I
got the Dollar Tree I will not be buying it again because I do not like aerosol
but I got this a long time ago and I really want to use it up do is add a
layer of sauce then we’re gonna go ahead and use our
lasagna noodles so many times I make food and it’s not from a recipe it’s
just things that I put together so we’re gonna go ahead and put these lasagna
noodles in I do not parboiled Amazon as you know they make the oven ready design
yet noodles now that is such a blessing the lasagna noodles I got at Weis market
and Ali paying a dollar 29 for it but Dollar Tree has them for $1 now we’re
going to go ahead and we’re gonna add some zucchini add a layer of cheese the
zucchini is replacing all of the meat now you can’t have ground beef to this
if you choose to but for our family this is a way to have lasagna and not have
that expense we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to layer it all over again and I always pack down just a little bit
so I can fit more food into our pan this is a small pan and I try not to layer
double layer the noodles that much okay now this sauce is used up this sauce
came a long time ago I had it frozen this came with a pizza mix so we’re
going to use this up as well I totally like about casseroles is how you can
just use up all kinds of bits and pieces of things and this sauce is really
really thick my spaghetti and pizza sauce is always tends to be a little
thinner best of the zucchini I will probably
just throw in the freezer or I would dehydrate it well coming at the end of
my garden year how oh my goodness what a year it’s been I really did well with my
garden this year and in the beginning it was off to a
rough start but now things are really coming in production I have a lot to
carrots and I’ll be doing videos on that but the ground is just too hard I can’t
dig up the carrots all right so can we do another layer that’s going to be a
challenge of mine I think I’m not going to do another layer I think I’m going to
keep it just like this so there you go now I’m not going to show a full video
of making it again but I’m just gonna share with you when you make your
casserole you can make two of them and put one in the freezer now I’m going to
bake this and put it in the freezer I’m not gonna put it in the freezer raw
simply because the noodles I think would tend to get mushy so we’re gonna just
make this casserole the same as the other one and use up all this I really
wasn’t gonna do it this way but I thought you know what why not just make
another one because I have all of the things you need to make it let me go ahead and use this two daughters come up every single week we
only have a few miles apart but every week we have a day that it’s a girls day
out and so I will use this casserole for that so this is going to be a very small
casserole but it’s going to be very good as well if you pair this with a salad
the bread if you pair this with a salad and you pair it with garlic bread this
is a full meal so this is a smaller one it doesn’t have as much in it because
I’m running out of my supplies here but as you can see I’ve made two of them so
let’s put this in the oven and I put it in about 350 for about a half an hour to
45 minutes I’ll pull it out of the oven and I’ll show you what it looks like and
give it a taste test time for a little bit of a tea break so I’m going to share
with you now while we’re waiting for our lasagna to get finished in the oven I
want to share with you how I’m going to incorporate a lot of my canning videos so this is the situation I have I have a
lot of canning videos coming up but if I throw them into a regular video let’s
say like one today it gets lost that people can’t search for it a lot of my
videos are searchable videos in other words I share with you how to how to
make spaghetti sauce how to can v8 juice how to can tomato juice lots of canning
videos so what I’m going to do is I’m going to sometimes have a second video
and the reason why I have a second video is simply because it’s easy for people
to search and find what they’re looking for I admit a lot of people have been
asking me hey where do you find this and where do I find that and I can’t even
find it because it’s so hidden in all of these videos that I make so what I’m
going to do is have two videos I’m gonna have two videos one day and that will be
two separate different videos yeah I may later on have a video on canning
right now I have a folder of about seven videos of canning but I really need to
get out to all of you but I realize canning isn’t for everyone
neither is the cooking so I’m going to separate everything just to make life a
little easier on all of us and I hope that way you’re able to find what you’re
looking for 2% of my videos or how-to bit is and I
touched on hundreds of different subjects anywhere from making candles to
making soap to canning lots of canning recipes to homesteading and so I really
want to make things so much easier for all of you and it’s easier for me as
well so like I have a whole bunch of DIY making your own different kinds of
cleaners that are organic in nature I don’t know where to put those videos
because I don’t want to throw them into my cooking videos so it’s gonna be a lot
of second videos that maybe five minutes or six minutes long and that is just to
help all of you out so I took a little break but right now I’m gonna go and
start canning some of my tomato juice I have a lot more salsa to make how about
my zucchini relish my red beets then canning you haven’t seen any of those
videos this year they’re coming out to you I promise one day at a time testing
one day at a time you go that’s what it looks like after
its baked let me get some out and I let’s give it a taste test I’m in the
middle of editing this video and I just want to share with you what it looks
like zucchini cut up in little pieces like this makes it really good it is
delicious this is something that you guys make all
the time or maybe this is something you never heard of either way let me know in
the comments below have you ever made this if not give it a try and let me
know an update because I think your family’s gonna enjoy it it’s just
another way to use some zucchini when you have a lot of it mmm be care
everyone and we’ll see you guys tomorrow and later on today there’s gonna be a
video coming out of my zucchini relish because this time of year it’s all
zucchini bye guys and don’t forget if you like cheating me on Mondays I have
over two years of videos on cheat meal Monday in this playlist right here see
you guys