Gay! Welcome to the simple cooking
channel, today I’m going to show you how to make a giant bummy fish good new
giant gummy koi so let’s go now this is simple for this get six
packets of jelly or jello each packet is 85 grams pour that in then get 100 grams
of unflavored gelatin that’s the stuff that alternate than just basic jelly or
jello into gummy it’s the one I use now just mix this together just so it’s evenly distributed then add two cups of
foiled or boiling water and mix this together so it’s well mimed we want
the pistols to have dissolved now I just get a fish mold this is thing it’s
just a koi and then you pour this in now you can just leave it like that if you
want to get the bubbles off just get like a spoon do that now if you want to
add a little bit of color just make a second batch of color like a red or a
yellow put a little bit in it so you get a little bit in there and then pop it in
the fridge until it sets this probably take an hour or so at the second color
if you want spray it through spray through pour it through like that have you like this Oh Oh Oh smell so yummy that’s pretty cool
you make this as a centerpiece at a dinner party very upmarket but I can eat
this because I’ve actually made this for a little gathering that I’m having so
I’ll see you next time for my next meal