– Oh, hey! Wassup? Yeah, I’m gonna get that
16-inch meat lover’s pizza. Wait! Did you say 3500 calories? (howling) What’s up YouTube? Deadpool here again, with another video that
will change your life. You know, I love junk food. Pizza, ice cream, french fries. In fact, the faster it
takes you to the grave, the more I like it. Kinda morbid, yup. But I can’t actually die, so whatever. There isn’t a damn thing wrong with wanting to enjoy the
simple pleasures in life on the days that you don’t work out. We all have those days
where we just feel like laying on the couch, ordering a pizza, and demolishing the whole damn thing. But we don’t always order those food because we’re afraid of getting fat. And you know what, that’s a completely legitimate fear. Quick disclaimer, for the
love of Thanos Almighty, please do not do this every single day. This is meant to help you enjoy life while otherwise maintaining
a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have a healing factor like I do. So eating too much junk
food will kill you. Like everything else in life, you just need to be not dumb about it and practice moderation. Anyhow, step one, find
your basal metabolic rate. This is the amount of
calories you burn in a day if all you did was stay in bed and watch reruns of The Office. It’s basically the minimum
number of calories you need to function as a basic
living, breathing human being. You’re gonna need a couple of things, your age, your height, your
weight, and your gender. Then you’re gonna need to find a website that has a free BMR calculator. Lucky for you, I’ve already found one. There it is right there. Let’s say just for example that the number you got is 1900. Step two, add 300 calories to your BMR. “And why is that?” you ask. Well I’m pretty sure you’re not planning to stay in bed all day and that you actually
might get up and do stuff. 300 extra calories is
just a ballpark figure on the amount of calories you’ll burn doing your everyday mumbo jumbo, walking to the fridge, derping around, sneezing, brushing your teeth, talking to your mom, and
gratuitous baby making are all things that you might
do that will burn calories. Your BMR plus about 300 calories is gonna equal the number of calories that you’ll need per day. In this example, the
number I got was 2200. This is the total number of calories that you are going to
eat on your cheat day. If counting calories is new to you, MyFitnessPal is an easy
way to get started. Step three, plan your day. On the day you plan to indulge, you’re only gonna have one meal. Well, I told you earlier that you’re not supposed to
do this every single day. If this is how you’re gonna eat that food without affecting your
otherwise healthy lifestyle. If you know ahead of time that you’re planning to
get dinner and drinks with a couple of homies
at this new burger joint that serves donuts
instead of hamburger buns, you should probably make
that your cheat meal. In fact, planning a cheat day
on a night out with friends is a really really good idea. Step four, execute and enjoy. When the day comes, it’s
time to pull the trigger. If you’ve never done this before you might feel a little
hungry during the day. That’s okay. Remember, there are people in the world who are actually starving. You are not one of them. This is simply a first world problem. As long as you get enough
food later on, you’ll be fine. Your body’s just used to
having food at certain times. You can use black coffee or
BCAAs to suppress your hunger. If it’s really really unbearable, you can have a small snack. Dark chocolate and nuts
do the trick for me. When it’s finally time
to have your one meal, chow down. You’ll feel like a king or queen as you stuff your face with
seemingly unending goodness. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it. That said, you need to
keep the calorie count close to that number
that you got in step two. Yes, there is such a
thing as going too crazy. If you overeat, you’ll still get fat. Most restaurants have their
approximate calorie count somewhere on their menu or website. You’ve made it this far, so try not to screw it up by not paying attention
to the calorie count. If you can’t find the calorie
count for some reason, you’re gonna have to eyeball it. A slice of pizza is
usually 200 to 300 calories depending on toppings. So eat accordingly. You’re smart, right? That’s what I thought. After the dust settles and you’ve finally
finished licking your plate of all that goodness that was once on it, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Give yourself a thumbs up. Congratulations! You’ve learned the secret
on how to gorge on junk food without getting fat. Use this knowledge wisely. And don’t forget to subscribe
and share this video with all your junk food loving friends. Deadpool, out. Chimichanga!