Hey everyone it’s natasha of natashaskitchen.com. I’m gonna show you the easy way to cut a whole chicken this will
save you money and you can use the leftover carcass to make the most
flavorful chicken stock all you need is a sharp knife and a whole chicken. Pat
the chicken dry with paper towels to make it easier to work with and you’ll
start by cutting off the chicken legs slice only through the skin just below
the chicken breast. Now pull the leg away and pop the bone out you’ll cut just
behind that bone right through the joint and it should separate easily. Repeat
with the second side keeping as much of the meat on the chicken leg as possible
when you’re cutting a chicken if your knife has a lot of resistance when
you’re trying to cut through you’re probably hitting your bone so move your
knife around slightly until it goes through easily
keeping the chicken breast side up we’re gonna remove the wings use your fingers
to feel for the joint and you’re gonna cut right through that, repeat with the
second wing and it does give you a little more control if you pull up on
the wing as you’re cutting to remove the chicken breast place the chicken on its
side you’ll see on each side there’s a fat line running down from top to bottom
the fat lines are really a roadmap for cutting the chicken use some kitchen
shears to cut right through that you’re gonna snip right through the rib cage
separating the backbone from the breastbone. I usually cook with boneless
chicken breast so to debone the chicken breast slice right down the center
through the skin. Locate the breast bone in the center then cut the chicken
breast away from the bone to get a clean cut don’t saw back and
forth but use long strokes and cut all the way down which should completely
debone the chicken breast. to separate the drumstick from the thigh flip it
over and cut along the fat line and you should cut right between the joints if
you feel resistance shift your knife around until it slides through easily. to
debone the thigh, locate the bone then cut the meat away from it on both sides.
get a firm grip on one end of the chicken bone and cut the bone away from
the meat with lawn careful strokes I hope you guys found this tutorial
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kitchen questions any how to’s that you’d like to see a video. Also just
so you know our chicken was not harmed in the making of this video. Hey before
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