please welcome and join me easy steps today I’m going to make a punjabi dhaba style chicken chicken drumsticks and it’s going to be mouth-watering delicious how do I do it I’m going to share with you I have one pack of drumsticks if I can close in I already taken the skin out what I’m going to do I’m going to make a three nice cut the whole reason we are doing cut when we are going to have a chicken our masala the tadka going to go inside and that’s what is the flavoring gonna come and once you try this you will love it so let me get this thing going and I’m going to share with you as I’m going to go on my ingredients onion cut into long slices ginger garlic and green Serrano chili and tomatoes and when you make dhaba style you want a big chunks and we’re going to cook it really well let’s get on on tadka I’m going to start my gas and we’re ready and I’m going to have a couple teaspoons of olive oil but when you’re making dhaba style chicken you want to butter in it but at this movement I am going to more little bit health-conscious wise so I’m going to bring only olive oil so if I can zoom in I’m going to bring garlic and garlic first and ginder at the same time I’m going to hold off on my green chile I wanted to fresh flavor of this I don’t want to burn it about minute or so and now I’m going to bring a cumin seed so I’ll say 1 tablespoon and we’re going to cook this one like a minute or two bring onion and we’re going to cook our onion good until they turn brownish we want to have onion to be caramelized our onions are looking good we are doing really well and I’m going to bring the chili and addition to that our 3 chilies what we cut I added a four more green chilies you know when you go to dhabas and especially Punjabi dhaba you’re driving and you stop by and that they have the green chili those are the green chilies come and they’ll get little mushy and they taste so well that’s where they come and I’m going to cook exactly the same way now I’m going to bring the tomatoes I’ll give a good mix so I’m going to cook my tomatoes like a minute or so once they get a little bit mellowdown the two minutes of cooking with the tomatoes I’m going to bring my spices I’m going to use a turmeric powder 1 tbsp turmeric powder deggi mirch 1 teaspoon black pepper is optional we have so much but I’m going to make really spicy hot for 1 teaspoon garam masala 1 tsp salt is according to your taste but I’m going to add about 1 TSP Kasuri methi which is a fengureek leaves so this is important when when you add kasoori methi it’s about 2 tbsp you crush them with your hand the whole reason we’re doing if there are strands in there you can pull those out but they look beautiful so once we were in there now it’s a good time to give a good mix so once I give a good mix Masala tadka looking beautiful I’m going to use some bay leaves you can use a big bay leaves but these are perfect our tadka is allready now is a time to bring chicken chicken legs okay I’m going to bring my chicken in there now I’m going to bring my gas to medium I’ll mix it well I’ll bring my gas – hi again one cup of water I’ll give a good mix after giving a good mix I’m going to bring my gas to medium and I’ll put the lid on will cook it good ten minutes 10 minutes of cooking with the closed lid with the medium heat and I’m going to open it to turn around I will give a good mix until it’s cooked really well now I’m going to have open lid I’m going to turn my gas hi and I’m going to cook it really good I wanted to share with you you add 1 cup of water then you cover with the lid you cook it for 10 minutes all the seasoning all the Tadka all the masala you’re going to blend in our chicken is all done 2 tablespoon of ketchup which is a tomato ketchup that’s going to bring up another flavor it’s own aroma and cilantro the coriander leaves and now I’m going to give a good mix our chicken is all ready and I’m going to serve into the serving platter I will dish out right now look at how beautiful is looking perfect look at how delicious looking chicken the gravy nice my Punjabi style dhaba style chicken drumstick is all ready and beautiful delicious looking let me share with you it looks excellent it’s mouth-watering delicious and this is what I was talking about the green chilies they taste really well I’m going to grab a chicken just taste it super super delicious i really appreciate for joining Easy Steps cooking matter of fact it’s finger licking perfect I really appreciate each one of you watching thank you very much I’m going to see you soon with new recipe with new twist best of all easy steps thank you this is a perfect chicken is punjabi dhaba st yle yeah don’t you think so what do you think Dimps I think it’s great as it delicious yeah I love it thank you I will be appreciate each one of you joining easy steps mmm delicious thank you