Hello my name is Hui on behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you quick and easy everyday Chinese dishes. First, we would beat those
3 eggs into a measuring cup. Be sure to save half a egg shell to measure in the water later
on. It is essential to use the egg shell because it is proportional to the egg size we are
using for the dish. Then we would add the salt and also the sugar. Use the whisk to
break the yolk first, then we would beat the egg gently so that all the yolks and the white
are mixed together. Then we would use the egg shell we save to measure the water. We
want to ratio between water and the egg is just a little bit to more than one to one.
So if we use 3 eggs I would get around 8 egg shell spoon fulls of water. Then just mix
the water and the egg together.