Hello my name is Hui on behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you quick and easy everyday Chinese dishes. When the wok is hot over medium
heat put 2 tablespoons of oil and then we would drop the egg into the wok. Don’t stir
the egg at the first moment let the egg expand, add half of the green onions into the mixture.
Then we can gently stir fry the egg but still don’t move your egg too much. Gently pull
it from the outer from the inner circle. Then you would see that the egg is almost just
cooked. After 2 minutes turn off the heat and then we would add our diced tomatoes into
the scramble eggs. Again gently mix the egg with the tomato so that the tomato would be
heated through. We don’t want the tomato to turn to any mushes or tomato sauce. Then we
can put the scrambled egg to a dish and add the rest of the chopped green onions over
the top of the scrambled eggs. The dish is ready.