Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! As you know, one of our favorite dish is “Adobo” That is why today, I will show you a version of “Adobo” using chicken that is so easy to cook and is very delicious. And I call this Easy Chicken Adobo These are the ingredients that we will be using for this dish. Chicken – cut into serving pieces. This is the crushed garlic. Onion We also need to use dried bay leaves. Whole Peppercorn “toyo” or Soy sauce Vinegar Dark Brown Sugar and Knorr Chicken Cubes Aside from these, we will also be using water, cooking oil and salt Here is the complete list of ingredients including their respective quantities. Are you ready? Come and join me to cook this dish. Heat the cooking pot and while heating the pot, place the cooking oil. Let the cooking oil warm up and then we will start to saute. After 1 to 2 1/2 minutes of heating up, the oil is now ready. It is warm already. The first thing that we will place into the pot is the garlic. This is the garlic (crushed) I saute the garlic first so that we can turn its color into brown. Did you know that it is better that our garlic is quite toasted when it comes to ‘Adobo’? Because it adds a unique taste to the dish that makes it so tasty. That is why, I will saute the garlic until its color turns into light brown. It is important that we will spend some time to cook the garlic on each side just like this. After that, we will just stir-fry so that it will be evenly cooked. It’s not appropriate if only one side is brown and the other half is not, right? It is not that good if it turns out that way. This is what we need to achieve if you would have noticed. Its color turns into a slight golden-brown. This is just right. What will I do now is add the onion. We will just move the garlic into the side of the pot so that we can cook it more and make it more brown in color. At the same time, we will saute the onion unto the other side. Saute the onion for about 20 to 30 seconds and it is set. After that, we could mix the garlic and the onion and we could both saute it at the same time. We need to saute both until the onion becomes cooked. We will let the onion be cooked so that its taste becomes quite sweet. And it adds to the overall flavor of our dish. Just make sure that we monitor what we are cooking so that the onion and garlic won’t get burnt. And now we will place here the chicken. The part of the chicken that I am using is called the chicken thigh. I have just cut it into serving size. You can also use in this dish a chicken drumsticks, or any part of a chicken such as chicken wings, even chicken neck, or even chicken breasts. We will just need to cook each side of the chicken for about a minute. It is like we are cooking it for the chicken’s side or the outer part color of the chicken to turn into a light brown. And it is not necessary for its color to be perfectly light brown It would be okay if there is any part that is still pinkish because we will still cook it by means of boiling. You can also use a tong for cooking to flip the chicken upside down which is much easy. And now we will add some water

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because we still need to boil the chicken for it to be fully cooked and to be tender. What we will add next is “toyo” or soy sauce. And after that, we will also add the vinegar. What I am using here is the white vinegar. You can also use a cane vinegar or apple cider vinegar, anything may do. We also need not to marinate the chicken with vinegar and soy sauce. It is like we would just continue with the cooking for faster preparation. Let us cover the pot for it to boil faster. There. And now, we will just mix it. Just make sure that the vinegar, soy sauce and the other ingredients are well distributed in the cooking pot. Now, I will add “Knorr Chicken Cube” I am using this ingredient in my “Adobong” Chicken most especially in this easy version because it gives a real taste of a chicken in my dish. That is why, even if we do not soaked it in vinegar and soy sauce, you would notice that the taste will still be delicious and has the flavorful taste of chicken. This dish is really perfect with rice later when it is done. We will also add now the “buong paminta” or whole peppercorn and the dried bay leaves as well or “pinatuyong dahon ng laurel”. We can also use ground black pepper or fresh laurel leaves in this dish if you have it available with you. We will just mix it. And after that, we will cover the cooking pot with a lid. We will just continue cooking it until the chicken becomes tender. The dish would be done for about 30 minutes. But it is important that we flip the chicken upside down in the middle of the process for it to be evenly cooked. I’ll just have to cover the cooking pot. After 15 to 18 minutes, we will need to flip the chicken and I will now use a tong because it’s easier. It’s because it is harder for me to flip it a while ago when I was using a spoon. And for it to be easier and faster, I will now use a tong. We just need to flip it. What is good with this, the cooking will be even and even the color of the chicken will become well balanced. Because the part of the chicken that is being cooked in the soy sauce becomes dark. If we would not flip it, the color of the part of the chicken that is expose becomes quite light so it is not pleasing to the eyes. And that is why we need to flip it for the color to be well balanced. We will just continue with the cooking so we need to cover the pot again. And we will continue cooking until the chicken becomes tender. And when the chicken completely softens, we will add another ingredient which is I commonly add in my “Adobo” because what I want with my “Adobo” is for it to become quite sweet. And I will show it to you in a while. Here is the cover. We will just continue with the cooking until the chicken becomes completely tenderized. And now this is ready. The chicken is now cooked and is tender. It will now be up to you if what would you like to do with your “Adobo” If you like it with broth, it would be okay like this, we will now preserve the broth and we will add now the remaining ingredients. Then after we will serve it. If you prefer it with less or exact amount of broth, we will just let it cook for a few minutes until its sauce reduce according to your preference. And after that, we will now add the dark brown sugar. This is the ingredient that I was saying that I put in my “Adobo” for it to have a hint of sweetness. We just have to mix it well. You can also use white sugar if dark brown sugar is not available with you. And when the sugar was dilluted, or you have mixed it well already, we just need to season the dish. But we need to taste it first so that we will be able to know how much salt will we put in it. Some of us is not fond of salty taste. So when we have tasted it and the saltiness is just fine, we do not need to add more salt. We will just be adding salt when you think that it is needed to be added. When we are seasoning any dish, and I think this statement is very general, it is important that we add seasonings gradually, so that we could easily achieve the taste. And if we would add too much of it at once, it would be harder for us to amend its taste. We will now transfer it into a serving bowl. And we could now serve it. Now, here is our “Easy Chicken Adobo” It is now time for us to taste our “Easy Chicken Adobo” I will just get a piece from here. And we will taste it now. There. Mmm~ Delicious. It’s tasty. Mmm~ It is delicious. It is tasty. The taste is really ‘Adobo’ And the chicken taste is really rich and flavorful. It so perfect to eat it together with steaming hot rice. This Chicken “Adobo” is one of the signature dish of the Filipinos and even in which places we are, we always cook this dish And I am sharing this version of “Adobo” to you because the taste is really different when we do it. Firstly, it is delicious, and it’s easy to cook. We do not need to soaked it. And the taste of the chicken is really oozing out. Even if this dish is served in breakfast, because some of us are eating rice for breakfast. even for lunch or dinner, this is really an awesome dish. That is why I’m hoping that you could try cooking this recipe. If you like this recipe, speaking of Chicken ‘Adobo’ recipe. Kindly like this video. And if you haven’t subscribed yet our Panlasang Pinoy YouTube channel, I am inviting you to subscribe now. The subscribe button is just below this video. Just click the subscribe button And don’t forget to allow the notification for you to be notified by YouTube if we have uploaded a new video. So that you will be part of those who could see the videos first. Thank you very much for watching this video and for your unwaivering support in our videos here at the Panlasang Pinoy. Hope to see you again in our next videos. See you next time!