welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! Today we’ll cook chop suey here is the complete list of ingredients with measurements if you’re ready, let’s start preheat wok or pan with cooking oil if cooking oil is hot, pan fry the shrimp shrimp head and shell is removed and deveined fry one side for 1 min. then flip same with the other side, fry for 1 min. then remove shrimp from pan start to saute with onion this is yellow onion chopped thinly it doesn’ matter whatever type of onion to use add garlic continue to saute until onion is soft then add pork, chopped into small and thin slices so it can be cooked easily add chicken, boneless chicken breast, chopped thinly continue to saute until color turns light brown then add soy sauce mix add oyster sauce this will make our chop suey flavorful. Oyster and soysauce add water because we’ll simmer until meat is tender wait for it to simmer then we’ll cover cook in medium for 15 min. or until meat is tender at this point, pork and chicken meat is tender, it’s time to add the other ingredients start with cauliflower this is cauliflower florets, chopped mix then get ready with carrots carrots, sliced crosswise you may design it like this or ordinary circle shape add red and green bell peppers. Mix I want my chop suey to have a lot of vegetables so I can have a delicious and healthy dish this is snow peas. You may also use snap peas add young corn or baby corn either fresh or canned will do mix then get ready with the last vegetable this is called cabbage or “repolyo” here goes the cabbage toss make sure ingredients are well blended then cover pan cook for 5-7 min. at this point, the vegetables are cook but not overcooked. Because it’s better if it’s still crispy mix toss so the sauce coats the vegetables then add he panfried shrimp continue tossing to distribute the shrimp add ground black pepper this will be the only seasoning because we already add oyster sauce and soy sauce earlier I think the saltiness is just right add boiled quail eggs at this point, chop suey is done. But if you prefer thick sauce, add diluted cornstarch mix while mixing, the sauce thickens cook for 30 sec. then serve thank you so much for watching this video I hope you learned something new in cooking chop suey if you have question, suggestion, feedback, post your comments here in our video don’t forget to like our video if you want to be notified for our new videos, subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy youtube channel here’s our chop suey! come let’s eat