Hi everybody, my name is Lauren Taylor.We
are at the Bakers Corner on behalf of Expert Village. Thank you so much for joining me
today. Todays show is a little bit different. I’m actually going to be making a couple different
things and my focus is actually not so much on the food that I’m making which I will show
you in detail on how to make what I’m making but also really what I’m focused on is how
to avoid junk food and fast food even. You know I live in a big city and so I’m in my
car alot, just driving around and I dont get to swing home very often just to eat real
quick and leave and go somewere else. I often have to really plan ahead and really prepare
if I really want to avoid a vending machine or to avoid stoping at a fast food restaurant
which you know every once in a while its not going to kill you but we want to avoid that
as much as we can,for our weight maintenance, for our overall health, how we feel. So for
today I want to focus on a couple of tips I have for you on how to avoid grabbing a
candy bar or grabbing a double bacon cheese burger and french fries. And also I am going
to be making two healthy snacks that you can make at home. They don’t take very long at
all. They are very, very simple to make, very few steps and you can throw them in your purse,
in your bag and take with you. So I just want to arm you with some tools so that you are
able to avoid that junk food and fast food. So lets get started on our tips and healthy