please stop calling me every half an hour I told you i will be ready in 5 mintues Jeez How Girls Get Ready There’s a common belief that girls need a
lot of time to get ready. A lot! Well let me just say, that is so true. But do people
realize all the stress?! I only have 3 hours left! Pressure!? Even torture!? Ow! We got
to go through when getting ready for a special occasion ­ Like going to school or stepping
outside the house, you know huge events. Imagine the situation! What? We go through a
breakup. Oh so sad! What do we do to comfort ourselves? Tell me. We spend the days at home
eating junk food and watching TV. Wait I do this everyday too. Never mind! Suddenly an
unexpected chance of a lifetime is thrown into us. See this is the chance. Ow…. Huh… Date!? Yeah! Wait tonight?! Oh no! We regret all the chips, pizzas, and other
junk that we consumed in the past months. But there’s no time to feel sorry because
we have about 5 hours to put ourselves together and slay that date!

Wait! How much time do
we have? 5 hours!

*gasp* We’re not going to make it! So here’s how we girls get ready for a
big occasion like a prom, first date or a night out. Step 1, call BFF! ­No matter
how much in a hurry you are you always take the time for your friends, right? I only have 5 minutes. You won’t believe what
happened. He asked me on a date!!! I know… I only have 4 hours left, I got to go! Bye! BFF is informed. We can now focus on ourselves.
We haven’t been exercising at all recently that’s true. But one kick as workout can
still make a huge difference for our body! This is not working… huh Whatever. Let’s try with food instead. We may have been
consuming ridiculous amounts of junk food up until one hour ago. Oh, I miss it already!
But not any more… No way!! We’re gonna wash all that away with some super healthy meals.
Chia seeds, Macca powder, Goji berries are life. That’s poison you know, you’re gonna
die. There are tons of healthy recipes online promising
amazing results for our skin, hair, nails, body, life, everything. Drink this delicious detox smoothie for youthful
glow! Instant results! Yes, let’s do it. Apples! Spinach! Milk! Ha­ha! Cheers. *gag* OK, maybe our muscles aren’t defined after
a 5 minute workout. And maybe that smoothie only made us feel sick but at least we can
make our skin look amaze-balls. Yes! I heard a beauty guru talking about that DIY face
mask that transforms your skin in seconds! Like snap! I need to try that!
Egg! Avocado! Oil! Ew, this looks like puke, I hope it works. Oh this burns my skin really
badly! Oh my God what’s going on, please go down, please! Oh my god, no… At this point we should be looking healthy,
fresh, glowing but we still look like us or even worse. So depressed – everything goes
wrong. It’s time for some severe action in the bathroom. We still have so much to do!
Body wash, pre-shampoo, shampoo, post-shampoo, conditioner, exfoliate, wash, moisturize,
brush teeth,makeup, hair, dress, nails, dress up! All I see is you, all I see is you… What?!
Why today? I’m gonna touch it not going to poke it! Stupid pimple! What
have I done?! No stress Sara, I’m going to cover it with makeup! Makeup makes us look
all nice and glam, but in the process of applying makeup we look rather horri… not really
appealing. Here are the 10 horror faces girls make while applying makeup: chimpanzee, dolphin,
aye aye, dog, hyena, aardvark, lizard, tarcier, proboscis monkey, inverse raccoon, and people
think the duck face is weird… When we are in a hurry, things can go very
wrong especially with makeup. ow That’s a bit dark! What? Ok, I can do
this. Seriously?! I need the toilet sweetie. Hiss. What?! Ouch! Oh great! What? I hate you! Stupid makeup! But one thing is
true though: nothing makes us happier than mastering something difficult like a cat liner! What? Both eyes are the same?! Oh my god,
I can’t believe it!… wait I’ve got to document this! Alright, makeup is on point, but we still
have to fix our hair. By the way, as soon as we turn on a blow-drier, curling wand,
or when we shower we become super stars, models, singers… For you, I let you break my heart in two!
Right to the edge of the earth with you! There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do you’re so dangerous,
dangerous for you… I think we do it because we feel like no one
can hear us… Well, we’re wrong. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t… But the most embarrassing is that this is how we think
we sing. And this is how we actually sing: This is forever!!!!!! Oh well. OK, back to hair! What hair style
is in right now? Long, Voluminous, Luscious hair! Right, so anything but this. How to
solve the problem? Extensions! Yeah. Mom what do you think? Are you going on a Halloween party? Ah forget it! I kill you! Aha! Sometimes I really wish I was a guy. Let’s
see how he’s probably getting ready for a date I’m jealous! Whatever. We all have that one favorite dress that fits
us like a dream. Oh man! But of course right when we need it… Ha It’s in the wash! Aah! Come on dress you can do it! You can’t fail me today! No please! Oh it worked! Yay, I did it! Yay, I did it! Haaaaa… legs! Ow! Jeans it is! Jeans is great. Alright, we are almost done and ready to kill
it on the date. Sorry. We forgot to post about the big moment on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,
Whats-app, whatever, Snap, let’s take more pictures. As you may know, we girls have several
social media approved poses to chose from: kiss selfie, pretend you’re asleep selfie,
duck face, fish selfie, look at me I’m so fit selfie, lizard face, mustache selfie 1,
mustache selfie 2, no that’s not cute, unintentional front camera selfie, horse selfie – no that’s
not approved, enjoying on the beach selfie. Right, we have officially survived getting
ready for a date!! Woohoo, victory! But we only have 3 minutes left so go, go, go, go! Keys! He’s not here yet! How do you guys get ready for special occasions?
Tell me in which of these situations you find yourself most often? Don’t forget to check out my previous comedy
video and subscribe to my channel if you are new here. Thank you so much for watching and
I will see you guys soon. Mwah!