Hey guys! This is Heather from HeathyVeganRecipes.net.
So I’m really excited to share today’s recipe with you, I’ve been working on it
for quite a few months now and Phil has had the hard job of testing it for me. His even tried of making it a few times and
so that he can definitely verified that it’s an easy recipe and he eats an often lot of
it so I think it’s pretty good and what it is, is some homemade chocolate. I often make it with carob powder instead
of cocoa powder so I sometimes call it caroblate but however you do it, it’s delicious, it’s
easy and its really nice to have a treat that you can make for yourself so you don’t have
to go out and buy a chocolate bar if your concerned about the chemicals, preservatives,
whatever else they might put in there. This is totally natural, there are only three
ingredients and if you want the details on the amounts you can head over to HealthyVeganRecipes.net,
I’ll post it all for you there but let’s get started making this. So, as a base I’m gonna use coconut oil
which is a great fat to use especially for chocolate because it’s going to solidify.
So right now you can see it’s a solid and what your gonna do is start by taking some
of it, putting it in a pot on low heat and melting it down to a liquid. This is not by the way a low fat treat or
even a low sugar treat really. You can find lots of recipes on my site for low fat cookies,
low sugar cookies but this one sometimes you just need something that’s a little more
fun right? And it’s really impressive for people when
you want to show them that yeah you eat healthy but you eat some really delicious stuff too
so sometimes you just gotta go for it. So while that coconut oil is melting, you
can get your pan ready and I use a loaf pan just like a regular bread loaf pan and lined
it with parchment paper. This way when you get the chocolate set, you can lift it out
really easily and then break it and it will be a nice bar. So I find this size is good for the amounts
that I have in the recipe. I like to leave some extra room with the paper so that when
it’s done I can wrap the chocolate up, put it in a bag and keep it. But you can do this with a muffin tin if you
want, little individual chocolates or any other type of container will work. This is
just the one that I have, a mould will really be cool if you have like a shape mould but
lining it is important because again you can lift it out really easily otherwise I guess
you can put some coconut oil on there as well. So leave the coconut oil on just a low heat
until it’s fully melted and clear. What this does is it helps the other ingredients
mix in better so you don’t need to use as much oil. If you use it as a solid you need
a ton more in order to mix this stuff in. Alright! So other ingredients we’ve got
cocoa or carob powder. Just dump that right on in and some sugar, now I’m using some
unrefined cane sugar that I’ve ground up so that it’s lot more fine and powdery than
when it comes to me. I kind of like it actually a little bit chunky
but if you’re using cocoa powder, cocoa does not have any natural sugar on it where
carob does so when I use carob I can leave the sugar a bit chunkier and use less of it
but if I’m using cocoa powder you really want the sugar to be finely ground and using
the unrefined sugar so much better than white sugar. Less effect on your blood sugar swings. Not to mention that there are some nutrients
in the unrefined sugar, not ton but some and definitely more than in white sugar. So get that stirred so that it’s fully blended
and then you just gonna pour right into whatever pan or mould you are using. Alright! There’s
my beautiful little pond of chocolate so perfect you can see the reflection. So you just put this in the fridge and it
will set. You can put it in as a plain or what I really love to do is put things in
my chocolate so it’s like a kind of bark. So right here I got some brazil nuts that
I chopped up and if you sprinkle them on top so pretty and so delicious. So get those sprinkled in there, another one
I love is dried cranberries with chopped almonds. Yum! Phil actually he was growing hot peppers in
his garden this year so he did a bunch of chocolates with hot peppers and he wanted
me to tell you all that everyone in the house loved it except for me. I’m not just a hot
pepper person. Alright! What I’m gonna throw in here as
well are some toasted coconuts, just coz you know we need a little bit of fat with our
fat right. Now, you know something I loved about this
chocolate is that even though there is sugar and fat in here, you know exactly what you
are eating so you tend not to over indulge, at least not all of the time. So that’s all there is to it. Now all you
have to do is play the waiting game, put that chocolate into the fridge and you gotta wait
till its set and depending on how cold you fridge is that can take anywhere from twenty
minutes to half an hour, somewhere in that range and then you get to enjoy it. And I have a bunch that I made earlier that
I can show you and so like I said I like the parchment paper to wrap it in and then this
one is with almonds and cranberries so you keep this on a fridge if it’s warm out.
In the winter you don’t need to but coconut oil melting point is 24 degrees Celsius so
if it’s warm out it will melt. Just a warning! Really impressive thing to do with this is
to break off a piece and put it into a little bowl of banana ice cream, mango ice cream
maybe, very impressive. So there you go, for those of you who really
just needs a chocolate fix this is sometimes the only way to cure it. So I’m always looking for other things to
put in my chocolate that looks pretty and taste good so I love to know what kinds of
things you like, what’s your favourite toppings are? Let me know by leaving a comment and
you can get the recipe again over at HealthyVeganRecipes.net and I will see you guys next time.