alright guys welcome to Protein Treats
today we are making hamburger buns now I know if you guys are like me you’re
probably used to having your hamburger with a lettuce wrap
or maybe just totally on its own with a little bit of cheese on top but I really
wanted to figure out how to make buns that taste amazing and most importantly
hold their shape so I think you’re gonna love this recipe let’s get started all
right we’re gonna start with our dry ingredients and we’re gonna mix in 2
scoops of natural Nutralean so go ahead and put your Nutralean in here
there we go I’m a little bit low on that scoop so I’m just gonna kind of visually
top it up a bit here there we go and then you’re gonna need a third of a cup
of coconut flour now if you don’t have any coconut flour at home you could
substitute this with almond flour so there we go and you’re gonna need one
teaspoon of baking powder put that in there and about half a teaspoon of salt
so we’re gonna put that in there and you can be real fancy and use real garlic
but I’m just gonna go ahead and use one of the pre-mixed Clubhouse sort of it’s
that this one’s a parmesan and herb so I’m gonna go ahead and just visually I’m
gonna put a little bit in so it gives it that really nice savory taste so I’m
gonna go ahead and mix up those dry ingredients alright so now we’ve mixed
our butter now we melted our butter and then we let it come back down to close
to room temperature you don’t want your butter to be really hot because it will
cook your eggs so I’m gonna go ahead and pour all the butter in here and we’ve
got 1/4 cup of butter and then we’ve got four eggs four large
whole eggs so I’m gonna put those in and then I’m gonna whisk this up a bit so
just take your whisk break up the yolks a little bit and once you have the yolks
broken up and go ahead and whisk that till it’s pretty even now what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna take my cheese now I’ve got a little over a cup of cheese here
and I’m gonna put it right into my dry ingredients and we’re gonna coat the
cheese really really well I’ll show you what that looks like
that’s gonna make it all mixed together really nice and easy now the last thing
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take our mix up the eggs and the milk and we’re
gonna go ahead and just pour that right in there and we’re gonna make sure that
you mix it really well don’t over mix it so it gets tough but just mix it up so
that you get that dough consistency and it should look a little bit like this
when you’re ready to go looks amazing now what I have is a
special pan I think I got this one this is just from Wilton but it’s actually
made to make the little cookies for ice cream that’s what was on the cover of it
but I actually used it to make the buns out of because it makes a really nice
size make sure that your burgers aren’t too big and they come out that perfect
round shape if you don’t have one of these you can go ahead just put them on
a cookie sheet they won’t hold their shape quite as well but they’ll still
turn out pretty good I’ve sprayed my cookie pan as well with an olive oil
nonstick spray so make sure that you’re using an olive oil one and not a seed
oil because those have been shown in some studies to cause weight gain
and also to interfere with some mineral absorption so we want to use a really
nice olive oil that’s really great for you I’m going to go ahead and put a
couple of scoops on in each one you guys will see how easy this is once I get all
my scoops in I’m gonna go ahead and just by hand kind of flatten it out a little
bit so that it’s well filled in all of the areas and then we’re gonna pop it in
the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 to 12 minutes and then just Pat them down
with your fingers so they fill up the whole place now the other thing that you
can use too if you don’t want to try you know try your hand at putting them on a
cookie sheet is you can put them inside a muffin tin and they’re gonna wind up
just being a little bit thicker and a little bit smaller dimensions now that
we’re done these we’re gonna pop them in our oven at 350 degrees for 10 to 12
minutes okay guys these just came straight out
of the oven oh my goodness it smells incredible in here look at these now
we’re gonna go ahead and cut these in half so this recipe gives you 12 perfect
sized hamburger buns I’m just gonna let these cool a little bit but oh my
goodness it smells amazing and we’re just gonna go ahead and cut
one in half it’s still too warm normally you would want to let it cool a bit but
look at that you guys oh my goodness a perfect little hamburger bun I’m gonna
go ahead and plate this up I’m gonna get a burger in it so you can see just how
great it looks and I’m gonna try a bite because I know when we’re trying to get
as low sugar as you can that you can actually get regular Heinz ketchup that
is sugar-free and you can also get one called xylitol which is also sugar-free
so there’s some really great ketchup choices a lot of people don’t realize
that ketchup actually is full of sugar so I’m actually going to add a little
bit of mustard and we’re gonna add a little bit of ketchup to my burger and
then we’re going to try a bite here there we go I get dressed you guys a
real burger with no carbs are almost no carbs super high in fiber super high in
protein and look at it hold its shape ohh my goodness mmm oh my god its so good you guys are gonna love this summer mmm this is so good
check us out next week have a great week guys bye