G’day, welcome to the simple cooking
Channel. Today I’m going to show you how to make a coconut panna cotta with
caramel sauce so let’s go. Get a medium sized saucepan and put in just under one
butt of sugar and a can of coconut milk which is 400 mils 250 mils of thickened
cream or pure cream or whipping cream 120 mils of milk they’re happy heat on
low I’m going to bring this to a simmer just stir it alright this has been on
for about 5 minutes it’s pretty much getting to a simmer not quite but that’s
okay now get some vanilla bears and poop them
in there you always chuck vanilla bears in as well so you just want to scrape
some of the seeds off and then Chuck the vanilla bear in there now we just want
to bring this to the royals right that’s been brought to a royal turn the heat off
now add a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin mix that through now just leave
this here for about half an hour so just let it cool down a bit just get some
small bowls or ramekins or anything you want you can even just put it in a small
glass instead of tipping it up just eat it from the glass just pour it in just
popping the fridge for about 4 to 5 hours that should be enough or overnight
once your palette colors are ready and you want to make the caramel sauce
that’s if you want a sauce or a caramel sauce Chuck in 30 grams of butter third
of a cup of brown sugar and 100 mils of thickened cream just
give it a stir until it’s well combined you know just pour your sauce into a jar
of something and just let it cool before you serve up all right it’s set now
we’re going to try and get it out so I want to flip it upside down if your
little wobble yeah and if you want any of that caramel sauce make it and then
just give the caramel sauce you can either pour it around it you can
just pour it over the top it’s entirely up to you well hope you like this that wobbly
table Paulie Oh hmm right with the sauce