I’m Stephen Losee I’m the regional executive chef here at UVA health system. I’m Angela Spaid, I’m a registered dietitian with the heart center. Today we’re going make for you a quinoa pasta with salsa verde and a gremolata with tomatoes. The ingredients that we’re going to use today in our pasta we’re using Spanish extra virgin olive oil, we have sunblushed tomatoes, regular diced local tomatoes, red chili pepper flakes, fresh diced garlic, some diced onions, some great northern beans, and for our gemolata we’ve got some pine nuts, some whole wheat and gluten-free wheat crackers, and just some lemon. I’m just going to take fresh basil and stems and everything, don’t worry so much about having a bit of stem in there, it adds a lot of flavor, it’s delicious so that’s just gonna go in there along
with some capers and a bit of lemon juice I’m just taking a bit of fresh flat-leaf parsley in there as well and I’m just going to add a bit of our extra virgin olive oil You’re adding a lot of olive oil to this but you’re only using a small amount per serving so don’t worry too much about the fat content there. Olive oil’s going to be a heart-healthy fat because it includes a lot of mono-unsaturated fat these are the fats that are not going
to clog up your arteries as opposed to the saturated fat and trans fats at work trying to avoid We’re just going to cook that out a bit, just to release a bit of the flavor and cook the garlic out so it’s not too strong, palatable So if we want to stick to 1500
milligrams of salt per day, this is a good way to not add any salt in cooking but still have a lot of flavor. The next thing I’m going to do is add my
sunblushed tomatoes and I’m gonna add a few of our Great Northern beans Beans are going to be extremely heart healthy. Actually only a half of a cup of beans a day can reduce your cholesterol by eight
percent. Once that’s cooked out the next thing we’re gonna to do is we’re gonna at our gluten free, whole wheat quinoa pasta We’re using a little bit of a different
type of pasta here the quinoa is aa whole grain but it
doesn’t have the same consistency as a wheat pasta, so you’re so getting the
benefits of a whole grain which we want everybody to do for heart
health without that rougher texture. It also has nine grams of
protein and two ounces so it’s a good non-animal source of protein We’re now going to add our salsa verde which is our fresh parsley, capers, lemon zest, and garlic We’re just going to fold through our pasta here And just a touch of red chili flakes When we plate our dish, we’re just gonna take our quinoa pasta, with all the flavor of the flat leaf parsley, we’ve got the fresh basil the sunblushed tomatoes, we’ve got the Great Northern beans Over the top of that we’re just going to spread a few of our fresh diced tomatoes We’re going to top again with our fresh gremolata, just to finish it. This is our quinoa pasta with salsa verde and fresh gremolata.