Hey everybody and welcome to the
video. This is Josh here and today we’re going to making
Thai peanut chicken. Now I’m sure
this isn’t authentic Thai food but I’ve always been a big fan
of that peanut sauce noodle and chicken dish that you get at
any of the Thai takeout places around town. This is the first
time I’ve ever tried to make that Thai peanut sauce myself
and it came out amazing. I’m just such a huge fan
of that sweet and spicy combination that you get from
dishes like these. Really hope you give this one a
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food content every other week. Starting off we’re actually
going to prepare our vegetables. I always like to have these
chopped and ready to go so I’m not worrying about having to cut
them up in the middle of the other steps that we’re
going to be doing. You can use whatever vegetables you’d like
with this one but I’m going be using red bell pepper yellow
onions and we’ll see later a little bit of broccoli on the
side. Chop up your vegetables and a smaller bite sized pieces
and set these aside. Next we’re going to prepare
chicken. I’ve got one pound of boneless skinless chicken
breast here we’re just going to chop it up into a relatively
even bite sized chunks and we’re going to pour all
of this into a gallon bag and mix in a little bit
of cornstarch salt and pepper mixing in a little bit
of cornstarch here just really helps the chicken retain its
moisture when it’s cooking mix around your gallon bag with the
chicken. Make sure everything is fully coated. And we’re going
to set this aside to sit and soak with that cornstarch
for about 15 minutes. Next up we’re going to make our
spicy peanut sauce in a small saucepan and medium high heat.
We’re going to add our vegetable stock some soy sauce creamy
peanut butter a little bit of honey some sriracha and also
powdered peanut butter or PB2. The PB2 is a great way to add
some extra peanut butter flavor without adding all the extra
calories. And then we’re going to add a little bit of cayenne.
Feel free to just sriracha or Cayenne depending on your
flavor preferences. And then we’re going to freshly
grate some ginger stir everything together with a whisk
and keep this on medium high until it reduces down to a
thickness that you prefer. I wanted to make sure and have
enough for the noodles and the chicken. So mine’s a little bit
on the thinner side it just depends on your preference.
Now that the sauce is reduced to our liking we’re going to
prepare the chicken. Preheat your pan and medium high
heat. I’m using a cast iron here so I actually preheated in the
oven. You don’t need a cast iron for this but I’m always a big
fan. Just pour out the chicken and spread it evenly to ensure
every piece has direct contact with the pan. And we’re going
to let this sit for a few minutes without touching it.
This will just make sure you get a good browning on the outside
of the chicken. Very very important step for the
texture and the flavor. Once you see some of those just
starting to crisp up stir your chicken around just to make sure
you get a nice brown color on all sides of the chicken.
This took about 10 or 12 minutes for me cooking and medium high
heat. But if you’re unsure just check with a meat thermometer
and you want your chicken to be at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
Next we’re going to add in the vegetables that we
chopped earlier along with some minced garlic stir everything
together. And we’re just going to let these vegetables cook
down for a few minutes. Once they’ve reached your
desired level of doneness we’re going to remix up our sauce here
really quick and incorporate that back in with the vegetables
and the chicken. Now this next step is completely optional
depending on your dietary preferences and your calorie
goals. But I’d highly recommend it if you can fit it in.
We’re going to be making some lo mein noodles to go with this
dish. Now lo mein noodles I believe are actually Cantonese
or Chinese but these are just my favorite at the grocery store.
Out of all the different Asian noodles I’ve tried feel free
to use whatever you’d like or replace this with some
more vegetables if you want a lower calorie option. So just
follow the instructions on whichever noodles you decide
to pick mine. Take about four minutes and boiling water to
cook. And we’re going to strain these out and dump them all into
the cast iron with our other ingredients comes out to just
about 500 calories for a really really significant portion of
noodles and chicken. And it just has such a great
flavor really nice and spicy without being too spicy.
Some good sweetness from the nuts just an all around
great meal. Very similar to what you’d get at an Asian
takeout restaurant for about half the calories. It’s sure
to impress your friends or family if you’re cooking
outside of your meal prep. But this would make a great
portion to out for your workweek as always. Be sure to let me
know down below if you plan to give this one a try. I always
love hearing those updates from all of you that are testing
or enjoying these recipes. And be sure to subscribe and
like the video as well. But until next time I’ll talk to
you later. Have a good one.